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Zenva makes learning coding simple. Whether you’re interested in coding for your career or as a hobby, with Zenva’s affordable courses you’ll learn real industry skills by building games, AI apps, websites, and more.

You can even prepare to get Unity certified with our Certification Pathways.

Zenva initiatives

Social impact

We support initiatives and organizations that, like us, are working to make coding accessible to everyone, regardless of their background.

Zenva for government

With our courses, governments have the opportunity to address the industry shortage, encourage job growth, and establish themselves as leaders in innovation.

Zenva scHools

Zenva Schools provides K12 teachers and students with modern, project-based, curriculum-aligned coding courses that make teaching digital technologies easy.

Be Inspired By Student Creations

Arturo Macías's Dytective

with skills learned from the HTML5 Game Development Mini-Degree

Christian Salazar Amaya's Space Puppy

with skills learned from the Unity Game Development Mini-Degree

Jacob Salzberg's Wonderbox

with skills learned from the Unreal Game Development Mini-Degree

Matt McDill's Death Parts Us All

with skills learned from the Multiplayer Game Development Mini-Degree

Juan Cuadra's VR Bakery App

with skills learned from the Virtual Reality Mini-Degree

Rachael Simone's Hotel Website

with skills learned from the Full-Stack Web Development Mini-Degree

Barış Can Soy's 3D RPG

with skills learned from 3D RPG Academy

César Giménez Lascano's EDUJUEGOS

with skills learned from the HTML5 Game Development Mini-Degree

Andrea Cardenas-Roeder's The Larrikins Wreck: The Braindom

with skills learned from 2D RPG Academy

Mel Moore's STEM Website

with skills learned from the Full-Stack Web Development Mini-Degree

Salvatore Tedde's The General Election Game

with skills learned from the HTML5 Game Development Mini-Degree

François Message's The World After

with skills learned from the Unity Game Development Mini-Degree

Ting Chieh Lin's Animal Village

with skills learned from the Virtual Reality Mini-Degree

Derek Curry's Attack of the Zombie Banks

with skills learned from the HTML5 Game Development Mini-Degree

Learn Anywhere, Anytime

You can choose when and where you want to study – access an online platform designed for all devices, so you can learn on the go.

Plus, enjoy stress-free learning with no deadlines, no due dates, and the ability to easily cancel at any time.


Jacob Salzberg

I HIGHLY recommend Zenva to ANYONE reading this – like really. It’s the best game development learning platform today! The Unity templates you get by following Zenva tutorials are outstanding, and it’s the only platform with in-depth PDF guides that can save hours of learning!

Mel Moore

The courses did wonders for my coding abilities – they’re structured so I practiced what I just learned, so I remembered the skills afterwards.

Damon Bolesta

I was able to just continuously expand upon the groundwork that I created with the course and turn it into something that was uniquely mine.

Mihir Patel

I love the presentation of lectures, concise course objectives, and how they teach you enough to get you started while still preparing you for the advanced stuff later down the road.

Lane Cunningham

I’m a software engineer. Zenva courses have helped me become a better programmer because they stimulate new ways of thinking about programming.

Elizaveta Mihisa

Zenva courses are more friendly and interesting than other sites I've tried, where learning was a huge headache. I liked that courses are divided into short fragments that allow for rests in between, and how my progress can be saved so even if I missed a week the progress won't disappear.

Sune Sorgenfrei

Zenva’s strength is in how courses are easily understood, and in the number of Unity courses covering almost everything you could wish for. They speed up the process of learning exponentially and make you a quite capable game developer in a short time.

Ann Stevens

Zenva courses are affordable, easy to follow, and rich in content. The Virtual Reality Mini-Degree has been extremely useful – it's easy to search for what I'm looking for, as the topics are delivered in a logical order.

Max Ciqueira

I found exactly what I was looking for with Zenva. As I started the Augmented Reality Mini-Degree, I felt very comfortable with the pace of the classes, and with the quality of the content and support.

Ryan Mininger

Once I actually started to type, a giant game programming world opened up before my eyes and it is absolutely amazing!

Alessandra Viero

These are the best coding courses I’ve ever taken. The instructors are very competent, and explain in a calm, well-structured way. They made me keen on coding again.

Juan Cuadra

I took the Virtual Reality Mini-Degree, and it basically taught me all I needed about Unity from scratch. It had absolutely everything I needed to get started and develop something serious!

Mike Murray

I hadn’t used Unity for a long time, and needed to refresh my knowledge. The Python course I took was pretty good, so I thought, why not see if Zenva offered Unity courses? Turns out they did – now, I’m actively using Unity again and learning new things as I go!

Andrea Cardenas-Roeder

The Unity courses at Zenva helped me achieve a level of comfort with game development that I didn’t think was possible. The instructions are very detailed and informative. They give you the confidence to expand upon your skills.

Engel Caceres

The best thing about the courses is the good layout and the organization, and all the components are really well put together – basically all you need in a course for sure.

Andrey Uskov

I found it very easy to follow and learn how Unity works. Courses are also broken down into 10-minute videos that make it easier to pause in between, rest, and then jump into the next one.

Kristin Anthony

I’ve been interested in game dev as an intersection with my current career as a learning experience designer and I love that with Zenva courses, I leave with the skills it takes to build different games.

Assistant Prof. Derek Curry

I use Zenva courses to keep my coding skills sharp, and encourage my students to use them to hone their practice-based skills.

Juan Manjarrés

I think Zenva’s Mini-Degrees are unique, and they are structured in a way to promote learning – not just following some steps to do a task following a tutorial. They're a comprehensive and structured way to improve yourself in the knowledge area you choose.

Chris Farina

I’ve been learning javascript for about a year now, and I must say that this is by far the best series of lessons to rapidly learn. I’m a visual and hands-on person, so the brief examples with simple explanations is just right!

Monica Mancusi

With Zenva, I started organizing and deepening my knowledge, learning a more accurate way to approach problems and develop solutions.

Craig Bickford

Ultimately, I chose Zenva because of the large selection of game development topics covered by your courses and the fact that as a subscriber, I can choose what courses I want to take whenever I want to take them. That level of freedom is unique to Zenva.

Max Rose

This course definitely helped me create my first game for Android and iOS — which is a very good feeling — so I highly recommend it!

Oliver Mensah

The game development courses really help to build good programming logic that can be applied in most areas of development. I have adapted these skills in many projects – first as an intern, and now as an Android developer.

Eric Hewston

Hands down these are the best courses online for creating great 2D games quickly and easily – you get up and running in a very short time. I would highly recommend Zenza Academy if you are interested in programming or game development.

Milan Ličina

The courses are designed for both beginners and experienced learners, since they are organized around real-life examples and projects.


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