Announcing Zenva’s Partnership with the ACS

Courtney Schneider

August 24, 2021 in Success Stories, Uncategorized

We’re excited to announce that Zenva is now a professional partner of the Australian Computer Society!

The ACS is Australia’s leading body for information and communications technology professionals.

From providing students and young professionals with the skills and networking opportunities needed to kickstart their careers, to supporting experienced professionals and their startups in building their reputations and accelerating their businesses, the ACS helps members at all stages of their careers.

The ACS is also highly active in the tech community at a local and international level.

As members of the World Economic Forum, they help to shape global, regional, and industry agendas with impartial insights and intellectual integrity.

The ACS also strongly advocates for women and children in tech, and empowers people to innovate and solve tomorrow’s problems.

Driving Innovation with Shared Goals

At Zenva, our mission is to teach coding in a way that’s so simple, that everyone can achieve success in their careers and hobbies. Through this, we hope to increase the number of world-class tech leaders and drive innovation in the ICT space.

The ACS shares our goals in making educational opportunities available to everyone, and in fostering innovators and technologists, which is why we’re incredibly excited to partner with them.

Supporting Professional Development

At Zenva, we recognize the importance of lifelong learning, and so does the ACS. By increasing your knowledge and skills, you’ll more easily reach your coding goals and develop your career.

If you’re an ACS member, all of Zenva’s courses count towards your ACS Certified Professional Development (CPD) hours.

To add your courses to your account, simply navigate here, log into ACS, click on the Upload CPD Hours button, fill out the form, and click Submit.

Learn more about the ACS and how you can join here.

Discover how Zenva partnered with ACS to help support students, parents, and educators in the ICT space here.

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