AR and Digital Transformations with Max Ciqueira

Lindsay Schardon (Zenva)

April 14, 2020 in Success Stories

AR and Digital Transformations with Max Ciqueira

Hello, everyone, and thank you for joining us for this Learner Success Story interview. Today we have the honor of chatting with Max Ciqueira, a business developer working with AR and other tech to help a variety of companies innovate.

We appreciate you joining us, Max, and we’re eager to get started! To begin, what got you into augmented reality and Unity, especially in terms of business development?

Hi everyone, it’s a pleasure to be here today with Zenva.

I’ve been working with disruptive technologies since 2010 – my business is basically to find and develop business opportunities for those technologies. In mid-2019, I started working with a company in the US that provides an amazing AR Platform for enterprise-grade, focused mainly on industry use cases. After a while, I realized that the platform is really useful for those clients, but also that there’s a lot of space to offer to those clients AR content beyond the AR platform

And by AR content I mean using graphics, images, workflows, and other resources that display information in a more engaging and efficient way than traditional PDF and image files.

With this, I started browsing for solutions that could help me create new AR content, using a more comprehensive visual language, this search took me to Zenva and Unity, where I found incredible resources that are helping me to create this new form of language that I was looking for.

It was great reading about the industries you’ve partnered with on your about me page. We’d love to know more about your work – can you tell us about the kinds of projects you build professionally for your clients?

I work for different segments including manufacturing, logistics, telecom, automotive, etc. We are working on some interesting projects that use AR. One such project will provide a herd specialist with conditions to check this herd remotely and observe the quality of the pasture, the general condition of the animals, if their water is clean, among other items. In this project, the specialist can also guide the cowboys to follow certain procedures to ensure the health of the animals, all without the need for long trips to farms – saving time, money, and guaranteeing herd productivity.

Into another project for the food industry, we’re working to rewrite their process maps using new 3D visuals. So a mechanic that in the past had a PDF document to check, will now have a new step-by-step set of instructions all illustrated with detailed 3D diagrams of the machines. This can be used as a set of instructions to be followed, or in other words, as training material.

With Unity, we intend to develop a tool that allows a service manager to build these processes as easily as playing a game.

All these projects sound absolutely fantastic, and we’re amazed at how many practical applications you’ve found for AR!

With all this experience, can you summarize your insights into how AR can help businesses in general, and how this is allowing you to guide companies into undergoing large digital transformations?

By bringing to the scene contextual information at the right time, at the right place, AR can help companies to be productive and efficient. If you can see a problem in a machine at the right time and are able to apply the correct procedure to fix it, this machine will be more time available and able to produce more. Also, companies can leverage AR data by integrating with corporate systems, artificial intelligence, IoT, and big data solutions.

Max Ciqueira demoing AR

In what ways are you hoping to expand your business solutions for the future, and what’s the inspiration behind that?

We believe that AR technology, as well as VR and MR, will play a key role in many industries in the near future. We intend to be known in our market as a company that does this very well. Our inspiration is to be an integral and fulfilling part of what is today called digital transformation, which for us is a continuous movement to improve human life and the conditions we have on this earth. Without technology, there is no future, and if we are going to work with a specific technology, we want it to be well applied.

Your work is definitely inspiring, and we’re happy our Augmented Reality Mini-Degree has been a help. What made you choose the courses at Zenva in particular, and how have they applied to your professional life?

Well, first of all, I found exactly what I was looking for with Zenva. Secondly, as I started the Augmented Reality Mini-Degree, I felt very comfortable with the pace of the classes, and with the quality of the content and support. As a businessman with none or few programming skills, I think it is important that this type of content be presented in a simple way to be understood, without losing its essence.

Thank you for your wonderful insights, Max! We have just one last question: what advice do you have to others, programmers and non-programmers alike, for using digital technologies to change how businesses operate?

I believe that every professional should keep one eye on what is happening in the digital technologies landscape. For non-programmers, I suggest searching for some references in your region (blogs, podcasts, publications), and check it frequently to at least know what is going on. For tech guys themselves, I believe they need to explore as much as possible – but mainly keep an eye on what job needs to be done, listen to your clients and to your market, and try to identify what they all need. Don’t waste time trying to develop the new unicorn app! Just solve a client/market problem, and see what can happen next.

Thanks for the opportunity to talk to you and congrats to Pablo and all his team for the good work at Zenva. Abraços.

This concludes this Learner Success Story, and we want to thank Max not only for interviewing with us, but also for the wonderful projects he’s involved with that are transforming the world!

You can find more about Max’s work and contact information by checking out his LinkedIn profile.

Additionally, you can also visit Max’s about me page to find even more links and contact information!

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