Author for JavaScript Courses [Remote]

Courtney Schneider

April 22, 2021 in Closed Positions

⛔ This role is no longer available

Zenva is a fast-paced and growing startup. Centered around online education with a focus on technology, we teach a wide variety of courses on game development and other programming-related subjects. Over 1 million learners worldwide have taken our courses, and the quality of our work has been recognized by companies such as Facebook (Oculus), Intel, and Unity Technologies.

Our community is comprised of self-driven, life-long learners, and our vibrant range of online courses empower them to advance their careers and reach their goals.

Zenva’s mission is to teach coding skills in a way that’s so simple, that everyone can achieve success in their careers and hobbies.

The Role

As a Course Author, you will create interactive, engaging, high-quality courses that will help our learners to succeed in their programming journey and reach their goals. In particular, we are looking for beginner and intermediate courses to be made on the following topics:

  • JavaScript
  • Node.js
  • React
  • Modern front-end development

As is the case with everyone we work with, we are after a long-term collaboration – someone who we can keep working with for the years to come as Zenva continues to grow. To learn more about how we operate as a team, please refer to our Team Principles.

Required Abilities and Skills

Ideal candidates will:

  • Have solid skills with modern JavaScript
  • Experience teaching or creating video tutorials
  • Have strong attention to detail
  • Manage time well and adhere to deadlines

Role Details

  • This is a 100% remote job – you can be based anywhere in the world
  • This is a flexible, contractor position (paid by hour of video tutorial)


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