Bringing Coding to New Heights with Humble Bundle

Lindsay Schardon (Zenva)

July 8, 2021 in Success Stories

Bringing Coding to New Heights with Humble Bundle

At Zenva, we believe that coding and games are not only fun, but that they’re great for providing kids and adults alike with strong foundations for future success. As part of STEM, coding skills can last long into the future and open up many new opportunities. Because of this, supporting charities that make coding more accessible is not only a joy, but something that we pursue with a lot of passion!

We’ve once again partnered with Humble Bundle to help support this important charitable work with the Humble Software Bundle: Learn Coding to Build Games 2021. This coding course bundle focused on game development and ran from June 10, 2021 to July 1, 2021. Through it, we were able to help Humble Bundle raise $150,856 with a total of 7,809 bundles sold!

We know this money will be put to great use in support of some fantastic charities – check them out for yourself below!

Girls Who Code

Formed in 2012, Girls Who Code is a nonprofit organization with one singular goal: to provide women with the education that they need to enter the male-dominated computer science industry. To achieve this, Girls Who Code strives to support and provide a variety of clubs and programs – both online and offline – that encourage girls and women of all ages to appreciate and learn a variety of computing skills. In doing so, it is the organization’s hope that that they can not only decrease the gender gap in computer science, but also cultivate women who can lead and transform the industry in new ways.

Since its inception, Girls Who Code has managed to provide quality computer science education to 450,000+ girls through its in-person programs. Additionally, they’ve reached over 500 million people through other spaces, such as with their online learning resources. With a 50% representation for historically underrepresented backgrounds and a focus on critical ages where interest in computer science wanes, in 2019 Girls Who Code managed to nearly triple its alumni count compared to regular computer science graduates.

If you’re interested in helping women pursue computer science, check out the Girls Who Code website to learn more!, which has been around since 2013, is a nonprofit organization based in America. The organization’s mission is to expand computer science education through resources and legislation so it can be a core part of K-12 curriculums – thus providing underrepresented groups with equal opportunities. It achieves this primarily by providing tutorials, tools, and resources for students and teachers alike to learn key programming skills. also founded the Hour of Code movement – an event that seeks to demystify programming by encouraging students to work through 1-hour coding tutorials.

Over its many years of existence, it’s provided over 2 million teachers and over 61 million students with quality coding education and skills – over half of whom are from marginalized backgrounds. It’s also partnered with over 180 school districts to further establish computer science as part of the regular curriculum. While its primary focus is America, it still has managed to offer courses in over 67 languages as well – expanding its reach across the world.

Interested in increasing the presence of computer science in education? Be sure to check out for more info on how to help!

Child’s Play

Founded in 2003 by the authors of Penny Arcade, a popular webcomic, Child’s Play is a charity focused on making hospitals and domestic violence shelters better environments for children. The charity’s main focus is collecting monetary donations so that they can purchase video games and toys for these locations for children to enjoy. Through this, the organization’s goal is to improve children’s experiences during dire times and provide healthcare workers with resources to improve how they care for their younger patients.

Over the course of its existence, Child’s Play has collected over $44,500,000 in donations to achieve its mission – which has helped over 190 hospitals improve the lives of kids and teens in their care. Child’s Play has also donated gaming systems and toys to almost 200 domestic violence centers as well!

Want to help improve the lives of kids with games? Learn more about Child’s Play and donate!

We look forward to seeing the continued work of all these charities striving to provide more STEM education

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