Codemurai backers and pre-orders – One-stop access instructions

Did you back Codemurai on Kickstarter? Did you pre-order Codemurai on Zenva Academy? This page contains all instructions to unlock and access all of your content!

This is an evergreen document – It will be kept up to date with the latest instructions.


  1. Install  the app
  2. Get your coupon code
  3. Enter your coupon code in the app
  4. Access your courses!

1. Install the app

Codemurai is available on both Android and iOS. To download it, use the links below or simply search for “Codemurai” on the Playstore / Apple App Store.

Download on Android

Download of iOS

3. Getting your coupon code

You will be unlocking all initial 16 interactive courses* by using a coupon code. Where to get this coupon? Depends on how you made your pre-order.

*Apple didn’t let us include educational content on Android development in the iOS version of Codemurai, so iOS users won’t be able to take those lessons. Unfortunately there is nothing we can do about this – it’s Apple’s policies and decisions!

If you really want to complete those lessons and get the corresponding badge, use an Android phone to access them (you can use the same user account on both devices).

3.1. Access coupon code (Kickstarter backers)

  1. Log into Kickstarter using the same user account you used when backing the project
  2. Go to the Codemurai campaign page
  3. Click on the Updates tab and find the announcement titled “Codemurai Access Code” or simply click here (the page in the link can only be viewed by backers)
  4. Grab your coupon code from there!

3.2. Access coupon code (Zenva Academy pre-orders)

We’ve sent an email to the address you use on Zenva Academy (same account where you made the purchase). Search for the subject “Codemurai access instructions”.

If you can’t find the email, contact us including your transaction ID or Zenva Academy order ID, and we’ll email it to you.

4. Entering the coupon code in the app

  1. Open Codemurai from your Android or iOS device.
  2. Signup using a valid email address. You can also signup with your Zenva Academy account. If you already have a Codemurai account, simply login instead.


3. After signing up with the definite account you want to use for this, go to Settings on the side menu.



4. In the Settings page, enter the coupon code in the “Code” field then click “Apply”, as shown in the image below (note:  if you are not logged in, you won’t see the “Coupon Codes” part of the Settings).


5. You are now good to go! You won’t be asked to make coin payments in any of the original 16 courses:

1. Web development

  • HTML
  • CSS
  • JavaScript
  • ES6
  • TypeScript
  • Angular 2
  • React
  • MongoDB
  • Node.js

2. Game development

  • Phaser

3. Mobile app developmentSwift

  • Swift
  • Object-oriented Swif
  • iOS development SDK basics
  • Java
  • Object-oriented Java
  • Android development SDK basics (Android version only – Apple didn’t allow us to include this content on iOS)