FAQ – English

What is an online course?

An online course is a self-guided educational package that consists mainly of videos. Most courses include files to download such as source code and assets. The aim of an online course is to help you gain the necessary skills to build those games, apps and websites that you’ve always dreamed of, at a low cost.


What do I get when I purchase a course?

You get life-time access to the course content through our platform. You can view the course material at your own pace, whenever you feel like it!


Do courses have a time limit?

No. You can start the course whenever you want. You can watch the videos as many times as you want. You get life-time access to the course videos and material, even after you’ve completed all the modules.


Can I view the courses from anywhere?

Yes! As long as you have an Internet connection you can access your courses on Zenva Academy from anywhere on the planet (or beyond). We do not filter by IP addresses so you can access your courses from wherever you have a connection.


What are the technical requirements?

In order to access your courses you need a current web browser and an internet connection that is fast enough to play videos online. We use Vimeo as our video provider and if you can play videos on Vimeo without problems, you should be all set.


Do I get a certificate upon course completion?

Yes. We issue PDF certificates in all of our courses, even the free ones. These certificates contain a verification URL so they can be verified online by potential employers, schools, etc. Certificates are issued at no cost to the student.

In order to obtain a certificate, go to My Courses, click on “Completed Courses” then “View certificate”. To save the certificate click “save as” on the View certificate link. You can also share your certificate in LinkedIn by clicking “Share certificate on LinkedIn”. (Note, this will not export it to your Education section in LinkedIn, it will only share it on your wall. We strongly recommend you manually add your completed courses to your Education section in LinkedIn).


I can not play one or more videos, what do I do?

At Zenva Academy, we use Vimeo as our video provider. If you can play videos on Vimeo you should be able to play videos on our site. If you experience any issues with our videos make sure you check the Vimeo Playback issues page which offers solutions to the most common issues. Trying a different browser and Internet connection always helps. If you can play videos on Vimeo successfully and you are still having issues with one or more of our videos, please contact us and we will take a look.


What if I do not understand the course content?

Our courses are 100% self-guided, just the same way as when you buy a book or an educational DVD. We expect our students to be able to search online for answers if they get stuck. Learning how to code requires patience and overcoming difficulties is part of the process. Some courses do have a discussion area where you can ask questions and have these responded to by the instructor of the course or other students.

We want students to learn and we do our best to respond to questions when possible. We want to keep our courses affordable and we are not always able to respond to all questions and we can not guarantee a response time.


Can I download the videos?

Because of copyright protection, we do not allow video downloads.


What currency are the prices in?

All prices are in US Dollars.


What payment methods do you offer?

Paypal is the only payment method at this time.


I’m having problems with my credit card / My credit card is not being accepted by Paypal

Please contact Paypal directly if your credit card is not being accepted by them. Paypal is an external service and we do not have access to credit card or payment method details. We are not able to authorized, give support or help in any way with credit card-related issues.


What are the steps to purchasing a course?

  1. Sign Up for an account on the site
  2. Go to the course(s) you’d like to buy and click “Add to Cart”.
  3. At the shopping cart page, click on Checkout once you’ve added all the courses you want to purchase.
  4. Pay using Paypal


How do I access the courses I’ve purchased on Zenva Academy?

  1. Go to Zenva Academy
  2. Login to the site using login information that you used when you made your purchase. To sign in you can click on “Get Started” then “Login” at the bottom of the dialog box.
  3. Go to “My Courses” and you will see the list of courses you are enrolled in.


How do I access the courses I’ve purchased on other websites?

We sell some of our courses through third-party e-learning websites. Those sites host the content themselves and provide their own e-learning and payment infrastructure. If you purchased a Zenva course on a website other than a Zenva website and you are experiencing any type of issues (login and password issues, payment issues, technical problems, etc.), then you need to contact that site directly. We do not have access nor are we authorized to provide support for websites other than Zenva sites.


I made a purchase but I can not access my course!

Was the purchase made on a Zenva Academy website? if not, read the previous question. Make sure the purchase was completed by checking your Paypal account. If the purchase did not complete, you will not see the transaction on your PayPal activity page (or it will look as a cancelled transaction) and you won’t be able to access the course. If that is the case, please try making the purchase again. Contact Paypal directly if you have any Paypal related issue such as problems with your credit card or bank.

Make sure you are logged in to the same account that you used when making the purchase. For example, if you used Facebook login before and now you are using Google login, it could be that the email addresses in both accounts are different, therefore they are two different accounts at Zenva Academy.

If you tried all of the above, see that the transaction did go through (the money was credited from your Paypal account) and you still can not access your course(s), please contact us and send us the corresponding Paypal transaction number and optionally your Zenva Academy order number you received it by email.
Can I move my courses from one account to another?

No. Once a course is purchased under an account, it can’t be moved to a different account.


Can I merge two different accounts?

No. We currently do not offer that possibility.


I’m thinking of deleting my Facebook or my Google account, but I used those to sign up to Zenva Academy. How I can still remain access to my courses?

When you signed up with Facebook or Google logins, those services send us the email address you have registered with them. When it comes to Google, it’s your gmail or Google Apps address. When it comes to Facebook, it’s whichever email address you have defined as “primary” in their system (by default it is a @facebook.com address).

If you plan to delete those accounts, what you need to do in your Zenva Academy account is simply to make sure that the email address you have with us, is an address you’ll be able to access in the future (for password recovery). You can see and modify your email address in Zenva Academy by going to My Account. You can also setup a password there too if you no longer want to use a social login.


How do I download the source code or asset files of the course?

Most courses come with downloadable source code files with the examples covered on the lectures or challenges. You can usually find these files in the course homepage after you sign in, under the title “Course Files”.



Australia-based orders – How can I get a tax / GST receipt?

Contact us including your Paypal transaction reference and order details and we will send it to you during the first working day of the month after we receive your request. All courses on the site are GST-inclusive.

My IP address is blocked after too many failed login attempts, now what?

Protecting our learning community is a first priority. If you try to login too many times with the wrong password the system will block your IP address for 1 hour. During this time, you can not login from that IP address. After one hour, the IP address is released so you can try again.

If you are not sure of your password, instead of trying multiple passwords, it is best to use the Forgot Password link, which will send a link to reset your password to your email address on we have on file. If you are blocked, the only way to keep on trying right away is to switch to a different IP address. It is your responsibility to either memorize your password or keep it in a safe manner.