Helping Humanitarian Efforts in Ukraine with Humble Bundle

Lindsay Schardon (ZENVA)

March 28, 2022 in Success Stories

Helping Humanitarian Efforts in Ukraine with Humble Bundle

Every once and a while, there comes a time when the world must come together to help. Unfortunately, in early 2022, we were faced with such a time – as the invasion of Ukraine left millions of people displaced and in crisis.

Though at Zenva we are primarily focused on providing quality coding education, we also recognize the need to help out during these dire times. As such, being able to provide humanitarian aid is as important to us as teaching people to code. Not only do these efforts ensure the quality of life of people around the world, but help promote a general sense of unity for humanity.

Thanks to Humble Bundle, we were privileged to participate in the Stand With Ukraine Bundle alongside many other companies. For our part in the 125 item bundle, we provided our Intro to Game Development with Unity course, which teaches the foundations of Unity. The bundle, which ran from March 18th, 2022 to March 25th, 2022, altogether raised $20,735,896 with 473,885 bundles sold – with 100% of the profits going to humanitarian charities supporting Ukraine.

You can learn more about the charities that benefited below.

Razom for Ukraine logo

Razom for Ukraine

Razom for Ukraine is a charity that was born in 2014 during the Revolution of Dignity – an event that saw protestors violently clash with security forces and many Ukrainians displaced by the invasion of Crimea. The charity was born from the desire of those outside Ukraine, particularly Ukrainian ex-pats, to send aid during the country’s time of crisis. This mission has continued into today, where the charity focuses on providing medical and social services, as well as bringing attention to the suffering of the Ukrainian people.

Last year alone, the charity managed to raise $172,730 spread across 600+ donations, which particularly helped with the country’s response to the Covid-19 pandemic. However, these donations also have helped to support many non-medical causes as well, including music festivals, book clubs, education, and more. With 400+ volunteers, the charity continues to expand its efforts into other projects where time and funding allow.

Funding from this bundle went to finding and fixing medical supply shortages, as well as allowing the charity to work on establishing humanitarian corridors. You can still donate to Razom for Ukraine by visiting their website.

International Rescue Committee logo

International Rescue Committee (IRC)

Founded way back in 1933, the International Rescue Committee is a humanitarian aid group that operates worldwide to help refugees. With over 60 million people in the world currently displaced, the organization focuses on making sure affected people receive basic needs. This includes equal access to healthcare, financial stability, safe environments, and education to ensure refugees are empowered and have the best chance possible. As part of their efforts, the organization also pays particular attention to women and girls, who are often the most affected by crisis situations.

According to their 2020 annual report, in just that year the International Rescue Committee helped 31 million people get access to medical services. Another 2.6 million benefited from clean water initiatives, while 1.1  million received financial assistance. Children, in particular, also benefited with over 800,000 receiving educational opportunities. Among all these millions, over 5000 people were also helped in becoming US citizens.

Money received from this bundle will go to helping the millions of Ukrainians currently displaced for the long-term future. If you want to further the International Rescue Committee’s efforts, make sure to check out their website for more information.

International Medical Corps logo

International Medical Corps

Created in 1984, the International Medical Corps is a nonprofit dedicated to one goal: saving lives with improved medical care. They particularly focus on emergency situations where they strive to be the first ones on the ground helping affected people. Their work is spread across a multitude of areas, from providing medical supplies and doctors to training local people in medicine to ensure long-term stability with healthcare. Their focus also includes mental health, which is often neglected in crisis situations and remote areas. Beyond this, the organization also pitches in around areas of food security and clean water to combat medical issues that arise from those situations.

Since its founding, the organization has provided almost $4 billion worth of services and training for healthcare. In 2020 alone, 18.5 million people benefited from these services, including many countries in Africa where Covid-19 relief efforts were desperately needed. They were also able to provide 2.5 million people that year with access to clean water, and over 700,000 people with access to mental health services.

Money raised from this bundle went to help ground teams in Ukraine providing emergency healthcare services. Want to know more about the organization’s work? You can read about the International Medical Corps via their website.

Direct Relief Logo

Direct Relief

Direct Relief is considered to be the world’s largest nonprofit organization in providing medical relief. Established in 1948 and operating in 80 different countries, the organization focuses on making sure health professionals receive the support and supplies they need to meet medical demands in their respective communities. The organization focuses on two specific areas. The first is ensuring resource-poor communities have the tools they need to diagnose and treat various medical ailments. The second area is providing emergency medical supplies and general humanitarian relief during disasters, including forest fires, hurricanes, and wars.

According to Charity Navigator, an independent charity evaluator, Direct Relief is considered one of the top 10 charities in the entire world, and has been for many recent years. Via their 2021 report, Direct Relief provided $1,654,000,000 worth of medical supplies, many of which were centered around continuing support for the COVID pandemic. This amounts to over 25,000 deliveries of necessary supplies to medical workers, enabling them to continue their healthcare efforts.

All funds received from this bundle went to providing more medical supply deliveries directly to Ukraine. You can view more of Direct Relief’s work by visiting their website.


We are thankful for these charities’ efforts in providing humanitarian aid to Ukraine, and it is our sincerest wish that these funds help as many Ukrainians as possible.

If you missed out on this bundle and are interested in learning Unity, we recommend checking out our Unity Game Development Mini-Degree. It features all the foundations you’ll need to start building your dream games.

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