Joining Humble Bundle to Encourage Creativity & Coding

Lindsay Schardon (ZENVA)

February 3, 2022 in Success Stories

Joining Humble Bundle to Encourage Creativity & Coding

While there are many platforms and engines available for game development, Roblox is one that offers amazing, unique opportunities for aspiring developers. With features including publicly available assets, millions of active users, and built-in multiplayer – just to name a few – Roblox gives coders the unprecedented ability to express and share their creativity with the world. It also fosters coding skills that will help young people and adults alike to better navigate our digital world – something that’s very important to us here at Zenva.

With this in mind, and our desire to support charitable causes with similar goals, we’ve partnered with Humble Bundle for the Build Roblox Games Software Bundle. This bundle, which ran from November 11th, 2021 to January 31st, 2022, featured a small selection of Zenva courses focused on building Roblox games in different genres. Altogether, with 4,804 bundles, the bundle raised $8,339.85!

The main charities that will benefit from this can be found below – all focusing on some amazing charitable causes centered around games and coding.

Founded in 2013 as a nonprofit headquartered in America,‘s main focus is improving current K-12 education initiatives with computer science. Part of’s funds are dedicated to the lobbying process to help push through legislation that will enforce computer science as a standard to curriculums – particularly in the USA.

However, also aims to provide educational materials for teachers and students, hoping to give groups from all backgrounds access to the same quality coding resources and tools. As part of this, is also the founder of the Hour of Code movement which strives to make coding accessible and entice more students to be willing to learn programming skills.

Over its years of operation, has managed to help over 2 million teachers provide education for over 61 million students – many from marginalized groups. With resources used in some 180 school districts, has also been able to expand outside of the US and provide multi-lingual resources worldwide, giving more and more people access to coding education each year.

If you’re interested in seeing more computer science added as an educational standard, be sure to review and learn how to help!

Think computer science should be a bigger focus in education? Check out to learn how you can help!

Girls Who Code

Girls Who Code, founded in 2012, is a nonprofit organization focused on encouraging more girls to pursue computer science. With this goal in mind, the organization hopes to not only reduce gender gaps seen within computer science spaces, but also to produce more female innovators to guide our world in the future. The charity’s efforts mainly focus on providing online and in-person clubs and programs that guide girls of all ages in learning programming and generalized computer skills – though with a particular focus on age groups where interest in these subjects wanes.

Girls Who Code has seen massive success with 450,000+ girls participating in their in-person programs and over 500 million through their online learning resources (and other mediums). With this number, the charity has seen three times more computer science alumni compared to regular university graduates of computer science. They’ve also been able to increase representation for marginalized students by providing equal representation and opportunities for these groups.

Want to encourage more girls to code? Visit the Girls Who Code website and learn more about their programs!

Child’s Play

Created back in 2003, Child’s Play is an organization that provides toys and games for children who are stuck in hospital situations or domestic violence shelters. Primarily relying on financial donations to achieve this, the charity’s hope is that, with these small enjoyments, they can improve the quality of life and care children have during these tragic and often stressful experiences. They also hope to improve the generalized ability of staff to manage children during these tough times as well.

Over 190 hospitals and 200 domestic violence centers have benefited from their donations so far. In total, about $44,500,000 has been divided between these locations and allowed for a vast improvement in children’s welfare.

If you’re interested in donating and helping children in these situations out, be sure to visit the Child’s Play website for further information.

We know these charities will continue to do great work, and we’re proud to help support them in their individual goals with educational coding materials!

Want to join Roblox and start building your own creations? Check out our Roblox Game Development Mini-Degree and build platformers, FPS games, and more.

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