Making Coding Accessible: Scholarships for Women Who Code

Lindsay Schardon (Zenva)

July 14, 2016 in Success Stories

Women Who Code is a non-profit organization aimed at encouraging women to pursue careers in technology. Since 2011, Women Who Code has awarded over $900,000 in educational scholarships, and provided over 3000 free technical events in twenty countries. They’re part of a wave of organizations that are tackling the underrepresentation of women in digital industries, alongside Brisbane-based enterprises Women in Digital and Tech Girls are Superheroes.

At Zenva, our goal is to make coding accessible to everyone, and we believe that part of this is to help promote technology-related pathways for women. Upon learning about Women Who Code, we reached out to their team, offering a free JavaScript course for anyone who was interested.

The response was staggering. We were able to provide Women Who Code with 182 free licenses for their JavaScript course, which teaches coding basics by creating a game. Zenva’s hallmark teaching style, this learn-by-creating approach is in stark contrast to the standard, predominantly dull methods of teaching the language, and was supported by 578 people during the fundraising of the Kickstarter campaign that launched it.

Supporting Women Who Code - Female Coder

JavaScript is considered one of the most important languages for this coming decade, and has real-world applications for many areas of development, including building  games, mobile apps, web development, virtual and augmented reality, and more.

With the huge opportunities that JavaScript affords, our hope is that our partnership helped to give the members of Women Who Code a leg up in the industry so that they can keep achieving the fantastic things we know that they’re capable of.

Want to help support women in tech? Check out Women Who Code, Women in Digital, and Tech Girls are Superheroes.

Interested in learning JavaScript with easy, step-by-step lessons? Check out Zenva’s latest JavaScript course HERE.

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