To help everyone gain skills in coding and game creation, so they can start successful tech careers and hobbies. 

With this in mind, we created a set of values that inform everything we do – including how we create our courses, how we interact with our community, and how we treat our employees.



Our success as a company is aligned with the success of our learners, employees, and community in all their diversity.

By providing them with world-class learning opportunities, treating them with respect, and fostering their creativity in a safe environment, we enable our learners and employees alike to reach their goals.


At Zenva, we’re driven to learn new skills and to keep our knowledge cutting-edge – traits that we recognize and admire in our learner community.

We’re open to new and potentially better ways of doing things, and share a genuine passion for education, technology, or games (or all of the above!).


In all aspects of our company – whether when creating new content, updating our backend systems, or providing service to our learners – we aim to move quickly, but quality is always our top priority.

We have a strong double-checking, cross-checking culture, which allows us to provide world-class content and service to our community.


We want to make everything simple – from our course content, to our platform, our business model, and even the internal operations of our team.

Because this makes everything clearer, more flexible, and easier to understand, it allows us to develop solutions faster, and to more quickly help our learners to achieve their goals.