Partnerships & Awards

We’re dedicated to our mission of teaching coding in a way that’s so simple, that anyone can achieve success in their careers and hobbies.

Knowing the benefits that come with collaboration, we’ve partnered with a range of emerging and established organizations in order to better advocate for – and deliver solutions to – learning programming, game development, and digital technologies.

We’ve also participated in a number of developer programs and awards, in order to create a greater presence for technology-related businesses in the general community.

By leveraging the strength created by these connections, we hope to revitalize the development industry and ensure that everyone has access to tools that will help them to succeed in today’s digital economy.

We’re always open to partnerships that align with our mission, and that help to make learning and working with digital technologies easier and more accessible to the wider community.

If you’d like to partner with us, we’d love to hear from you – get in touch with us at any time here.



We are proud to be Professional Partners of the Australian Computer Society – Australia’s leading body for information and communications technology professionals. Providing practical support and training for its members and their businesses, the ACS works towards protecting Australian jobs and ensuring that they remain sustainable.


As a member of the Intel Software Innovator program, our team has been recognized for its expertise and innovation with cutting-edge technologies. Intel Software Innovators use their ingenuity, experimentation, and forward-thinking to inspire the greater developer community and to facilitate new opportunities in the development industry.


Many small businesses and sole traders have needed to quickly adopt digital technologies in order to survive and thrive in today’s quickly changing economy. To help them do this, we’ve partnered with DigitalOcean to increase the accessibility of cloud services – allowing them to more easily build, test, and deploy their own applications.


Unity Technologies is the software development company behind the Unity Engine – one of the world’s most popular game creation platforms. Their core focus is to foster innovation and empower creators with cutting-edge tools, and as a Unity Authorized Learning Partner, our courses allow professionals to grow their skills and stay relevant in a fast-moving field.


Zenva is proud to be a member of Facebook’s Oculus Start Developer Program, which supports emerging and established virtual reality developers. Providing access to hardware, developer support, discounted software, and a community of like-minded VR developers, Oculus Start increases the number of highly skilled professionals in this field.


We have partnered with Cornerstone to provide enterprise clients with access to on-demand courses through the CyberU platform. Through this, we have helped to create a stronger and more resilient sector by enabling large, small, and sole-trader businesses to increase their productivity, and to better navigate and thrive in today’s digital economy.


As a partner of go1, we help workforces to thrive by contributing to their comprehensive learning and development library. By providing training that is industry-relevant, effective, and inspiring, we have contributed towards making workplace training more accessible to people across the globe.


We regularly partner with Humble Bundle on initiatives to increase the accessibility of programming courses, including jointly supporting charities that promote inclusion and provide educational support for minority groups, women, and other disadvantaged communities – such as DonorsChoose, Khan Academy,, Girls Inc., and Girls Who Code.


We are proud to be members of Advance Queensland’s Advancing Champion Enterprises (ACE) network. Aimed to increase growth opportunities for Queensland enterprises, ACE recognizes businesses that have made significant contributions to Queensland’s economy, job opportunities, and reputation as a world-leading hub for innovation.


EduGrowth is Australia’s hub for education technology and innovation. As a member of the EduGrowth community, we contribute to the global acceleration of Australia’s EdTech ecosystems and seek to positively impact the future of learning in the digital age.


We have partnered with REED UK to provide high-quality, low-cost educational opportunities for job-seekers. By doing so, our aim is to create clearer pathways for those looking to enter or adapt to technology-related industries, and to reinvigorate the economy with highly skilled professionals.


Fanatical seeks to democratize access to games and digital training. By partnering with them, we have helped to make courses on cutting-edge technologies such as programming, game development, and machine learning accessible to the wider community, enabling them to develop the skills needed for sustainable job opportunities.


StackCommerce provides enterprise clients with on-demand courses through the StackSkills platform. Through this, they help large and small businesses alike to better navigate the new economic landscape by increasing the skills and capabilities of their workers, and helping them to adapt to a world that’s going digital.


Zenva is a proud supporter of Phaser – the leading open-source HTML5 game development framework. Phaser’s flexibility fosters innovation and seeks to reinvigorate browser-based games. It empowers creators to build games that are sustainable and that continue to work across a variety of ever-evolving platforms.


We are proud to be members of the LOT Network – an initiative that supports and protects innovation, and promotes the responsible stewardship of technology. They aim to increase the adoption of digital solutions, and the resulting sustainability and resilience that this lends to businesses of all sizes.



Co-sponsored by Intel and Microsoft, the 2018 Ultimate Coder Challenge IV: VR encouraged teams to think in new and creative ways by competing to create the ultimate commercial VR solution. As one of eight finalists, we took an innovative approach to education by creating Zenva Sky – the world’s first application to teach computer science in virtual reality.


Zenva was a nominee for the 2021 Telstra Best of Business Awards. By rewarding and celebrating the inspirational and exceptional businesses that move Australia forward, these awards champion strategies that focus on progressing Australia, women’s equality, building communities, indigenous excellence, technology solutions, and promoting sustainability.

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