Advanced Game Development with Phaser

Advanced Game Development with Phaser 2 – Build Multiplayer Games

Become a Black Belt Phaser developer and create advanced games. Multiplayer included!


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Are you a Phaser 2 developer craving for more advanced content? Interested in multi-player games?

Advanced Game Development with Phaser 2 is that next-level training that will take you from intermediate to pro. This course assumes a good grasp of JavaScript and the Phaser framework (version 2.x) . If you’ve taken any of our Phaser courses, or if you’ve made a Phaser game before you should be prepared for this more advanced training.

This course consists in three projects. In which you’ll be building comprehensive games that include both frontend and backend (using Firebase). These are some of the topics that we cover:

  • Backend integration using Firebase
  • Online multi-player games
  • Online real-time multi-player games, including synchronization of events
  • Online leaderboards
  • Path-finding, including integration with Tiled maps
  • Basic enemy AI
  • Swipe touch detection
  • Game stores with item upgrades
  • Using Priority Queues in strategy games
  • Creating Phaser plugins

Module 1: Fruit Ninja with Online Leaderboard

In this module we will build a Fruit Ninja game. Besides the basic game (swipe detection, spawning and cutting fruits and bombs) we will add a title screen, a store to buy upgrades that can be used in the game and an online leaderboard.

fruit ninja game phaser

Module 2: Multi-player, Real-Time Bomberman

In this module we will build a multi-player, real-time Bomberman. The game will comprise the basic bomberman gampeplay, such as placing bombs, facing enemies and collecting items. In addition, we are going to add multiple levels and enemies with different behaviors. Firebase is used on the backend. We’ll also be using EasyStar.js for path finding.

multi-player bomberman

Module 3: Multi-player Strategy Game

In this module we are going to build an online multiplayer turn-based real-time strategy game inspired in “Final Fantasy Tactics”, where players will control units in a battle. There will be different unit classes with different strengths and weaknesses. Firebase is used on the backend. We’ll also be using EasyStar.js for path finding, and Js Priority Queue to organize the events in the game.

real-time fantasy game phaser

Course author

Renan Oliveria is a software developer and CS Master student. His interest in game development started years ago with a 2D game engine course, which resulted in a small 2D engine and game. Passionate about JavaScript and Phaser, Renan has authored dozens of technical tutorials at the GameDev Academy blog by Zenva.

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    This course requires you to have basic to intermediate Phaser skills. If you've done any of our Phaser courses you should be good to go!

Become a Black Belt Phaser developer and create advanced games. Multiplayer included!

  • Lifetime, 24/7 access
  • Professional-grade video lessons
  • Certificate of completion


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