Advanced JavaScript and ES6

Advanced JavaScript and ES6

Create a cryptocurrency conversion app while learning advanced JavaScript and ES6 concepts using NodeJS.

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$50 $15


This title is part of the Full-Stack Web Development Mini-Degree

Ready to take your JavaScript knowledge to the next level? This course will teach you Advanced ES6 JavaScript concepts by building a Cryptocurrency Conversion app, using an API to read data from an external database. Learn about variable hoisting, callback functions, classes and objects, inheritance and much more.

What you’ll learn

  • Learn to use npm and install new packages for your project
  • Learn to install and use the request package
  • Use the request package to read currency data through an API from an external source
  • Learn about the new features of ES6 JavaScript and the difference between this new version and ES5 JavaScript
  • Learn about variable hoisting – learn how the JS compiler treats the variables you declare in your files
  • Learn how to declare a variable in ES6 so that you avoid variable hoisting
  • Learn about declaring global variables in and outside of functions
  • Asynchronous code – learn how code is being run, threads and how callback functions come in handy
  • Callback functions – why are they useful and how we can use them in tasks that take various amounts of time
  • Download and print the data to the client using callback functions
  • Learn about the this keyword and what it refers to in JavaScript
  • Mix callback functions with this keyword
  • Learn about classes and objects 
  • Learn the different implementations of classes in ES5 vs. ES6 versions
  • Create the Cryptocoin class and use it to organize the data you’re fetching
  • Create the Server class that will perform the conversion operations
  • Install and use the URL package and use it to parse URLs sent by the client
  • Create a conversion function and show the conversion rate to the client
  • Learn about Chaining callbacks in ES5 vs. the concept of Promises in JavaScript ES6
  • Class Inheritance – concept and implementation in Es5 and ES6 

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  • Completed Node.js For Beginners Course or have similar knowledge
  • Have Node Installed
  • Basic Javascript knowledge


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