Advanced JavaScript

Advanced JavaScript


Go Beyond the Basics with this Dive in to Javascript’s Most Important, Advanced Features


Product Description

So you’ve got the basics down and you’re looking to grow as a Javascript developer? You want to learn how to exploit Javascript to create powerful front ends for web and mobile apps? You want to understand closures, and Object Oriented Javascript?

If so, you’ve found the right course.

Code along with Marco, your expert instructor as you learn the techniques the pros use to create production quality,bullet-proof javascript code. This course is a deep dive in to some of Javascript’s most powerful features like regular expression pattern matching, closures and prototypes. Fully understand Javascript’s powerful DOM parsing model as you apply this language to your own development work.

Javascript is becoming the most important language in web and mobile. You can’t afford not to know the techniques Marco teaches in Advanced Javascript Development.


  • Function Closures
  • Understanding Variable Scope
  • Functions as Objects
  • Variable Length Object Lists
  • Event Propagation and Bubbling
  • Creating Objects
  • Object Properties
  • Object Attributes
  • Enumerations
  • Deleting Attributes
  • Creating Arrays
  • How to Read and Write Arrays
  • How to Iterate Through Arrays
  • Array Methods
  • Classes and Prototypes
  • Defining Your Own Classes
  • Modules
  • How to Inject HTML into the DOM
  • Cloning Elements in the DOM
  • Removing Elements in the DOM
  • Parsing and Displaying XML
  • XML Attributes
  • Adding Elements to an XML Tree
  • How to Delete Elements from an XML Tree
  • Modifying Elements to XML Tree
  • How to Define Your Own regular Expressions
  • String Methods for Pattern Matching
  • The Regexp Object
  • Window Object Methods
  • The Location Object
  • The History Object
  • Timers

Course Requirements

-Basic to intermediate knowledge of JavaScript.

-A web browser.


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