Android Programming for Newbies

Android Programming for Newbies


Start your way into Android Development without any programming knowledge

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Why should you learn Android Development using Eclipse?

Mobile Apps are becoming popular across all demographics – Academics, Businesses, Entertainment, Communication, Travel, Maps etc.

Android has become the most popular platform since no other platform offers applications for free. As smartphone adoption continues to grow at an amazing pace, and Android’s affordability and hardware independence have catapulted it to the lead in this rapidly growing space.

What will I learn from it?

This course teaches Android programming from scratch. You’re right! You just need to have basic knowledge of computer. Right from installation to understanding syntax and basic concepts of programming. This course teaches you all so that you’re ready to build apps on your own. What’s more? You will learn to use native features such as creating menu, using camera and pop-up menu. Our main objective is for you to get ready to make applications that are ready to be uploaded to the app store. This course will teach you how to get started with Eclipse IDE, how to use the Android SDK, and get started of your way to development

If we want to summarize this course in one sentence – This course will help you to start your way into Android Development without any programming knowledge.

So Get Ahead and learn Android Programming now to stay relevant in the industry


Course Requirements

No prior knowledge is required for this course, although some basic programming experience will be of great help!