AR Game Development – Space Shooter

Develop an AR spaceship-shooting game while gaining skills that will allow you to exploit real-world space. Through this course, you will dive into Unity and AR Foundation, Unity’s single API package to develop for both iOS’s ARKit and Android’s ARCore, while exploring the basics of AR game development. You’ll gain the skills necessary to spawn virtual objects automatically without manual input from the user, and the foundations needed to develop more robust games that use the physical world and your mobile device’s camera to create unique experiences.

You will learn how to:

  • Implement shooting mechanics triggered by tapping the screen
  • Use placement indicators to place key objects
  • Spawn enemies into the world randomly and at set intervals
  • Manage projectiles for better performance
  • Set up game over mechanics, UI elements, and more in AR

A basic understanding of Unity & C# and existing knowledge of AR Foundation & how to build apps to mobile devices. You must also have an Android or iOS device compatible with AR Foundation.

Tools and Frameworks

Unity 2022 LTS (updated from Unity 2019.2, AR Foundation 2.0.2, and ARCore XR Plugin 2.0.2)

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