Audio Effects and Soundtracks in Unity Games [2018]

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Gameplay, storyline, graphics – they’re all things we judge whenever we play a game. However, we shouldn’t underestimate the power of sound in videogames. It’s such a powerful tool, yet easily dismissed. Sound plays a huge role in a game’s immersion – from hearing your own footsteps to the ones of your enemies’, you’ll want to give players’ the best experience they can have, and a lot can be accomplished by paying attention to details – sound effects being one of them! This course will guide you through the basics, so here’s what you’ll be learning:

What you’ll learn
  • Start from the beginning – Create a new Project and import the Assets included in the Course
  • Learn about the Inspector tab – learn how to extract information like colors, materials from an existing asset and use it on instances of that object in your game
  • Now that your scene is ready – learn about adding an Audio Source to your scene and about the Audio Listener property
  • Test how different actions use different sounds like footsteps/walking/running
  • Learn about the Audio Range and learn how to reduce/amplify it
  • Learn about 2D and 3D Sounds and about the Spatial Blend property to make your sounds more immersive
  • Learn to manipulate the volume so that sounds react to the player’s actions
  • Organize your objects so that you can easily update similar audio sources
  • Learn about adding variety to your scene by updating the Pitch property – write a script to randomly generate the value of the property
  • Audio Mixing – add multiple sounds to your game using the Audio Mixer and learn to mix them in a way that will emphasize the game while complimenting each other
  • Add Reverb Zones to your game – learn to adjust your sounds based on the environment
  • Learn about the Doppler Effect – and use it to add more realism to your game
  • Edit your sounds files – learn to use Audacity – a industry standard sound editor that is also FREE
  • Extra – Learn a lot of useful tips and tricks on how to use the Unity Editor interface!

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