BlackBerry 10 App Development with HTML5

BlackBerry 10 App Development with HTML5


Make great apps for a brand new Platform using HTML5

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Product Description

Did you arrive too late when the App Store and the Google Playstore came out?

Well, a new platform has been launched and is getting good traction. Don’t miss out on this one! Be one of the first pioneers in this New World.

This course will teach you everything you need to know to get started with makingBlackberry 10 HTML5 apps for the BlackBerry 10 platform.

HTML5 apps are first class citizens in this new platform thanks to the WebWorks framework, which deeply integrates HTML5 with the device hardware for best performance.

A real Time tracking app aimed for freelancers is developed during the course, starting from scratch.

By following the same step-by-step methodology which has made our courses very successful and highly rated in Udemy, we’ll make sure you have the best learning experience. When you finish this Blackberry 10 App Development course, you’ll be ready to jump into your own projects with the right tools in hand.

This course includes, among other topics:

  • Installation and setup of the SDK, the Ripple Emulator and the BlackBerry 10 Simulator.
  • Using the official bbUI.js library for native looking user interfaces.
  • Creating your app navigation with Action Bars.
  • Form, ImageLists and other GUI elements.
  • Learn the JavaScript Namespace pattern to create solid apps.
  • Using Local Storage to save your data.
  • Testing your app on the Simulator and on real devices.
  • App World submission process.

Don’t arrive late to the BlackBerry 10 platform! Get started TODAY 🙂


  • 1. Installing the HTML5 WebWorks SDK for BlackBerry 10
  • 2. Obtaining, Installing and Backing up BlackBerry 10 Signing Keys
  • 3. Getting Started with BlackBerry 10 Ripple Emulator
  • 4. bbUI.js Basics
  • 5. ActionBar for App Navigation
  • 6. App Namespace
  • 7. Project ImageList
  • 8. Removing Elements from ImageList
  • 9. New Project Form
  • 10. DropDown
  • 11. Toggle Time Tracking
  • 12. Tracking Time
  • 13. JavaScript Interval
  • 14. Records ImageList
  • 15. Summary Report
  • 17. Local Storage
  • 18. Debug Token for Packaging
  • 19. Deployment with Debug Tokens
  • 20. App Signing
  • 21. Preparation for the BlackBerry World
  • 22. Publish to the BlackBerry World (external video)

Course Requirements

Basic knowledge of HTML, CSS and JavaScript are strongly recommended.


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