Build an Adventure-RPG World in Phaser

Make an simple, adventure-style RPG in a robust world using the popular HTML5 framework Phaser 3.  Through this course, you will learn not only how to create maps for your players to explore, but also exciting obstacles for them to overcome.  Flesh out your RPG, and prepare a world your players won’t soon forget.

You will learn how to:

  • Utilize Tiled to craft your world and import it into Phaser
  • Setup map bounds and collisions for players and monsters
  • Spawn treasure chests and monsters for your player to interact with
  • Implement monsters that can attack, die, and move
  • Prepare your player model so they can attack monsters and collect coins
  • Add various types of audio to your game
Course Requirements
Install Tiled
Create Level in Tiled
Level Review
Loading Tiled Level
Live Coding – Loading Tiled Level
Map Bounds
Live Coding – Map Bounds
Map Collisions
Live Coding – Map Collisions
Map Class
Live Coding – Map Class
Game Manager
Live Coding – Game Manager
Game Manager – Spawn Player
Live Coding – Game Manager – Spawn Player
Parsing map data with recent versions of Tiled
Spawner Class
Live Coding – Spawner Class
Spawner Class – Create Objects
Live Coding – Spawner Class – Create Objects
Spawner Class – Remove Objects
Live Coding – Spawner Class – Remove Objects
Game Manager – Spawning Chests
Live Coding – Game Manager – Spawning Chests
Spawn Monsters
Live Coding – Spawn Monsters
Handling the difference between Tiled and Phaser anchor points
Monster Model Class
Live Coding – Monster Model Class
Create Monsters
Live Coding – Create Monsters
Player Container
Live Coding – Player Container
Player Weapon – Part 1
Live Coding – Player Weapon – Part 1
Player Weapon – Part 2
Live Coding – Player Weapon – Part 2
Attacking Monsters
Live Coding – Attacking Monsters
Monster Health Bar
Live Coding – Monster Health Bar
Player Model Class
Live Coding – Player Model Class
Player Model – Update Score
Live Coding – Player Model – Update Score
Player Health Bar
Live Coding – Player Health Bar
Player Death
Live Coding – Player Death
Bugfix: Respawning the Player
Additional Audio
Live Coding – Additional Audio
Monster Movement
Live Coding – Monster Movement
Monster Movement in Game Scene
Live Coding – Monster Movement in Game Scene
Full Source Code – Adventure-RPG World in Phaser

Basic to intermediate JavaScript skills, and familiarity with the basics of Phaser. We also recommend that you complete preceding courses from the lineup in the MMORPG Academy.

Tools and Frameworks

Phaser 3.16.2, Web Server for Chrome 0.4.8, Tiled 1.2.4

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