Chat and Player Enhancements for Phaser MMORPGs

Chat and Player Enhancements for Phaser MMORPGs

Implement avatars, chat systems, and screen scaling for Phaser-based multiplayer games using the JavaScript real-time communication library Socket.IO.


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Enhance your Phaser-based multiplayer games by learning to add a chat system and various player enhancements. Using a Phaser MMORPG, Express, and Socket.IO (a library for real-time communication), you will set up various customizations for your game with avatar selection and variable screen sizes. You will also master chat systems, allowing you to implement unique, interactive experiences for each player which will increase your game’s appeal and overall polish.

You will learn how to:

  • Scale all scenes automatically based on the window’s size
  • Set up a character select scene with properly sized sprites
  • Send character selection feedback to display custom chosen avatars to all players
  • Create dialog windows to display chat text
  • Implement chat-related events to allow for messages to be sent by players
  • Coordinate chat dialogue with Socket.IO to display to all players

Frameworks and tools covered: Phaser 3.16.2, Web Server for Chrome 0.4.8, Socket.IO 2.2.0, Node.js 11.6.0, npm 6.5.0, Express 4.17.1, Postman, Nodemon 1.18.10, Body-Parser 1.19, Cookie-Parser 1.4.4, Passport.js 0.4.0, MongoDB Shell 4.0.10, Mongoose 5.5.15, Nodemailer 6.2.1, bCrypt 3.0.6, JSON Web Tokens 8.5.1, Webpack 4.36.1, Babel 7.5.0, ESLint 6.1.0, Docker 18.09.2, Docker Compose 1.23.5

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    Knowledge with using Node.js, NPM, Phaser, Docker, Webpack, and Babel.

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