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Codemurai is now live on both Android and iOS:

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How and when will this be delivered?

We’ll have all the content ready by December 2016 at the very latest. You’ll receive an email with access instructions and a coupon to unlock all 16 interactive courses.

Demo ( contact us after purchasing to get Early Access, indicating whether you are an iOS or Android user.)

Courses included

1. Web development

  • HTML – completed!
  • CSS  – completed!
  • JavaScript – completed!
  • ES6 – completed!
  • TypeScript – completed!
  • Angular 2 – final review phase
  • React – completed!
  • MongoDB – completed!
  • Node.js – in the making

2. Game development

  • Phaser – completed!

3. Mobile app developmentSwift

  • Swift – completed!
  • Object-oriented Swif– completed!
  • iOS development SDK basics – in the making
  • Java– completed!
  • Object-oriented Java– completed!
  • Android development SDK basics– completed!

Learn to create your own websites, games and mobile apps. Anywhere, at any time.

2016-07-20 07.51.01        2016-07-20 07.51.11

Codemurai is a mobile app that allows you to learn programming on the go. Whether your goal is to create websites, mobile apps or games, with Codemurai’s bite-sized lessons you can grab all the skills you need, anywhere, anytime!

Codemurai will be available on iOS and Android. Screenshots of our first alpha bellow (click to enlarge):

Codemurai mobile app to learn programming - JavaScript methods lesson      Codemurai mobile app to learn programming - html lesson

Codemurai mobile app to learn programming - JavaScript functions lesson      Codemurai mobile app to learn programming - CSS fonts lesson

Learn to make websites, games and apps while waiting for a bus or at an airport. Codemurai’s lessons are short, to the point and full of interactive exercises created specially for phone screens.

Codemurai will include content on html, css, javascript, Java, Swift and Phaser

Turn the process of gaining high-demand Real World skills into something truly engaging. Complete challenges and unlock new exciting content.

learn programming through gamification

Newbies and advanced programmers welcome. Courses for both absolute beginners and advanced programmers will be included in this app. Every journey starts with a single step and the best step you can take will be Codemurai.

See the section “What skills you will gain in Codemurai” for a full list of topics included.

Learn React, Angular 2, Meteor, MongoDb with Codemurai

We are taking all the experience we’ve gained from teaching 150 thousand students at ZENVA and our previous Kickstarter campaign and we are putting in all into this one awesome project.

This is our vision on how we can leverage technology to make learning to code on the phone both fun and effective.


Codemurai has an in-built gamification layer which rewards you as you make progress and gain new skills. This makes the learning experience much more fun and rewarding.

Angular 2 mobile tutorial

Course modules are made of individual lessons and a final exam. Lessons are bite-sized and should take no more than 5 minutes to complete. The content will be highly interactive, with lots of quizzes, mini-challenges and examples.

Users can revisit their completed modules at any point in time and repeat lessons and exams.

PROJECT UPDATE – See the first lesson of Codemurai in action!


Learn with project-based courses that are designed to be flexible – access them 24/7, fit them around your schedule, and choose the learning materials that suit you best.

You can even download your course videos and watch them offline using the Zenva app, available on iOS and Android.

✅ Watch video lessons

✅ Read text summaries

✅ Explore interactive lessons

✅ Practice with source code

✅ Build real projects

✅ Earn completion certificates


Our community of 1,000,000+ learners and developers have used the skills learned with us to publish their own games and websites, land their dream jobs, and even start their own businesses – and you have the potential to do the same!

Check out what our learners think below:



I love the lectures, concise course objectives, and how they not only teach you enough to get started, but prepare you for the advanced stuff later down the road.



With Zenva, I started learning a more accurate way to approach problems and develop solutions. It’s full of interesting topics that I love to learn in conjunction with my work.



I chose Zenva because of the large selection of topics and the fact that I can choose what courses I want to take whenever I want to take them. That level of freedom is unique to Zenva.



The Unity courses at Zenva helped me achieve a level of comfort with game development that I didn’t think was possible. They give you the confidence to expand your skills, and were so easy to understand.


Our course instructors participate in elite developer programs and have been recognized for their demonstrated excellence in development and teaching.

That way, you can be confident that you’re learning the most up-to-date content from industry experts.

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