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This bundle features a selection of lessons from our premium courses, all of which can be viewed in our all-access package!

Explore the world of programming with Zenva’s free Ultimate Programming Bundle!

This series of courses is designed to quickly get you coding with the world’s most popular programming languages. You’ll learn by building real games, apps, and websites, learning skills, and techniques that you’ll be able to adapt to your own projects.

You will learn:

  • Game development with popular engines
  • Responsive web design with HTML & CSS
  • JavaScript for web development & HTML5 games
  • Python language fundamentals
  • Virtual & augmented reality

Level 1: Web Development
  • HTML & CSS language basics
  • Websites with forms & tables
  • Page styling
  • Interactivity with JavaScript

Level 2: Game Development
  • 3D games with Unity & Unreal
  • 2D games with Godot
  • Roblox game development
  • HTML5 games with Phaser

Level 3: Python Programming
  • Language basics
  • Store & manipulate data
  • Controlling program flow

Level 4: Immersive Apps
  • Virtual reality
  • Augmented reality
  • Mobile games
100% Beginner-Friendly

These introductory modules are perfect for those who have never coded before, or for more experienced developers looking to branch out into new specializations.

Why Learn to Code?

As the role of technology in our lives continues to grow, so does the demand for those with STEM skills. Each year, developer jobs have been increasing by the thousands – including in software development, web development, and data industries.

These fields aren’t just ranked among the highest for job satisfaction – they also feature high base salaries, filling them with opportunities for new and experienced developers alike.

List of the top ranked jobs on Glassdoor

Bar graphs showing the job growths for developers

Bar graph showing job growth for Python-related fields

List of average salaries for specific types of developers

Line chart of the market revenue forecast for games

This bundle is perfectly suited to beginners with no prior coding experience.

Learn the fundamentals of game development, web development, VR, AR, and Python programming

🎓 11 Courses Included

  • On-demand, 24/7 access
  • 16 hours of on-demand video
  • Certificate of completion
  • Closed captions

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