Construct a First Person Shooter

Develop your own FPS game in Unity!

First-person shooters are not only immensely popular, but also one of the oldest genres in all of video game history. With exciting action gameplay, opportunities for storytellers, and even easy adaptation to multiplayer, it’s no wonder that they remain in high demand in both hobbies and careers.

Through this course, you’ll build your own FPS game in Unity while learning core mechanics for shooting, player movement, and similar. You’ll also get the chance to build pathfinding enemies with simple AI tactics – all using systems that you can expand for your later projects.

No matter how complex your planned features are, these FPS essentials will help put you on the path to building your dream FPS project!

This course assumes familiarity with Unity and C#.

You will learn how to:

  • Create a moveable player character
  • Master shooting mechanics with object pooling
  • Implement pathfinding enemies with Unity NavMesh
  • Add health and ammo pickups
  • Set up audio and particle effects
  • Develop FPS-appropriate UIs

… and more!

Basic understanding of Unity and C#

Tools and Frameworks

Unity 2022 LTS (updated from 2019.1)

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