Create a Road Crossing Game with Phaser 3

Explore the foundations of game development and Phaser while building a road-crossing game.

Developing games is not only a potentially lucrative pursuit, but one that allows you to creatively express yourself. Using Phaser, a popular HTML5 framework specifically for building 2D games, you can create video games in any genre while also having native cross-platform support for mobile, desktop, and web browsers.

While creating a “Frogger” style game where the player must dodge dragons to reach some treasure, you’ll discover the core skills you’ll need to build your own projects. You’ll learn key mechanics related to player movement, detecting collisions, and managing visual assets, while also mastering important aspects of the Phaser framework.

Suited perfectly for beginners to Phaser, this course will prepare you to develop any number of Phaser games with skills that will continue to be useful in all manner of projects.

This course assumes familiarity with JavaScript.

You will learn: 

  • Set up a Phaser project
  • Implement and manipulate sprites
  • Move players with user input
  • Detect collisions between two objects
  • Create basic camera effects
  • Control gameplay with win/lose conditions
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Basic skills in JavaScript
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