Create a Road Crossing Game with Phaser 3

Learn the basics of Phaser 3 by building a road-crossing game from scratch


  • 12 Lessons
  • Lifetime, 24/7 Access
  • Certificate of Completion
  • Closed Captions
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This title is part of the HTML5 Game Development Mini-Degree

Help the Valkyrie dodge the dragons and get to the treasure as you create a “Frogger” style game that’s playable across platforms (mobile, desktop and web browser). Learn how to feature simple and intuitive game mechanics, including restart and win conditions, as well as fixed player movement.

You will learn: 

  • How to implement an intuitive UI and game controls
  • Sprites – the players and enemies
  • Managing multiple sprites through Groups
  • Detecting User input – how to trigger character movement
  • Collision detection – when game elements overlap
  • Basic camera effects

About the HTML5 Game Development Mini-Degree

The HTML5 Game Development Mini-Degree is the world’s most effective way to master HTML5 game development. Gain life-long access to a curriculum of online video courses, featuring in-course student support and translatable closed captions as you learn how to code and create impressive games with Phase 3, the JavaScript library that has taken the developer community by storm. With no prior experience needed to enroll, you’ll soon be creating completely cross-platform games that will make your professional portfolio stand out from the rest.
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  • Basic skills in JavaScript