Create Your First 3D Game

Master the basics of Unity game development as you build a simple game from start to finish.


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This title is part of the RPG Academy

Understand the basics of Unity but don’t know how to link them together? Learn to tie different elements together as you make a simple Unity game. Featuring a playable cube that can move, jump, and collect coins, the player will collect coins and attack enemies as they progress through the levels. Complete with a main menu and a pause menu, this game will provide the foundations needed to succeed with game development.

You will learn how to:

  • Set up a new project and its folder structure
  • Create, move, rotate, scale and snap objects
  • Calculate movement based on input
  • Collide with objects using a rigidbody
  • Enemy movement using a waypoint system
  • Write a Game Manager (loading new levels, exiting the game)
  • Implement object tags

… and more!

About the RPG Academy

The RPG Academy is the world’s first on-demand curriculum designed to teach ANYONE how to code and build impressive 2D and 3D RPG games.  Craft your own enticing and dangerous worlds with Unity, a free and highly popular game development engine, and discover just how rewarding it can be to see your players explore the adventures that you’ve created for them.
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    Basic familiarity with Unity is required for this course. We recommend that you complete Intro to Game Development before completing this course.