Create Your First Computer Game with Stencyl

Create Your First Computer Game with Stencyl


With no previous programming, build your own amazing 2D games for iOS, Android, Windows and more in a matter of hours!

Product Description

Creating your first computer game is only a few hours away! Stop postponing your dreams and get on to that game idea 🙂

No prior experience is required to take this course. Learning from the ground up, you will acquire all the skills necessary to Design and Create your very own computer games, which can then be shared with your friends, or even published to commercial markets such as flash portals, the App Store & Google Play.

Using the unique logic block system of Stencyl thought in this Stencyl Course, you will be able to create a game of any genre, quickly and effectively. Please follow through the lectures sequentially, and always maximize the videos to get the most out of them.

For the most effective learning experience, it is essential that you pay close attention to each lecture in order, and then complete the task yourself. If you struggle, watch the video again until you get the full sense of the lesson.

Get excited, this is a learning experience you’ll never forget. Prepare to start making your own games with Stencyl.



  • Welcome to the World of Game Creation
  • Overview
  • Structure or Lessons
  • Installing the Required Software - Stencyl
  • The Importance of Planning
  • The Concept
  • Exploring the Stencyl Environment
  • User Input & Character Movement
  • Understanding Attributes (AKA Variables) & Creating the Enemy Actor
  • Character Rotation: Looking At The Mouse
  • Making Him Shoot (This is Fun)
  • Events Explained
  • The Most Important Blocks
  • Basic Loops
  • How Stencyl Handles Audio
  • Creating Conditional Logic - If Statements
  • The Behaviour Library
  • Downloading the Free Trial of Photoshop CS6
  • Introducing Photoshop CS6
  • Creating the Crosshair
  • Basic Al
  • Camera Follow
  • Boundaries
  • Adding the Crosshair
  • Collision Groups - Setting Them Up
  • Updating Sprites - A Nicer Projectile
  • Create Explosion on Die
  • Handling Avatar States - Switching Animations
  • Cannot Be Pushed
  • Advanced AI
  • Al Bug Fix 1
  • Enemy Shoot
  • Die After X Seconds
  • Bug Fix 2
  • Adding the Helicopter
  • Creating Health Bars
  • Destructible Environment 1
  • Destructible Environment 2
  • Refactoring the Code
  • Game Rules
  • Game Rules 2

Course Requirements

-A computer, either Windows or Mac, which can run Stencyl. Almost any computer should be capable of this.

-Enthusiasm about the subject.



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