CSS Flexbox for Beginners

Master foundations of responsive design with CSS Flexbox!

Due to many different devices being able to connect to the internet today, using responsive design for websites has become essential. With CSS Flexible Box Layout, commonly referred to as Flexbox, developers can easily and automatically resize elements to suit any screen size while maintaining the integrity of their overall layout.

Through this course, you’ll build your own webpage with Flexbox, and learn core techniques for using this dynamic, one-dimensional layout model for responsiveness. You’ll explore different aspects of responsive design, including how to set up multiple columns, position elements, and control how elements resize based on their containers.

No matter what sort of website you need to make, CSS Flexbox will help ensure you maintain a professional and clean look across all screens!

This course assumes basic familiarity with HTML and CSS.

You will learn how to:

  • Understand CSS Flexbox’s mechanics
  • Set up your website for Flexbox
  • Control directions, widths, spacing, and wrapping
  • Determine how flex items resize
  • Build a Flexbox-based webpage

Some knowledge of HTML is recommended.

Tools and Frameworks


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