Data Analysis with Pandas

From cleaning to visualizing data, to basic statistics and machine learning techniques, learn all you need to begin data analysis with the Pandas library.


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This course will introduce you to everything that you need to know to get started with data analysis using the Pandas library. To better enhance your understanding, you will not only learn the concepts underlying data analysis, but apply them to real-world data – logs of domestic US flights from 2017.

You will learn how to: 

  • Clean data (from dealing with missing/null values, to handling appropriate data types for columns)
  • Visualize data using basic line plots and histograms
  • Understand basic statistics (including mean and standard deviations, and inferential statistics)
  • Implement basic machine learning techniques (using linear regression to learn a line of best fit)
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    Familiarity in manipulating data with Pandas is necessary for this course. We recommend that you complete Data Manipulation with Pandas before taking this course.