Data Analysis with Pandas

Master techniques for data analysis using Python and the Pandas library.

In our modern times, data is the main force behind any major decision – from how a product changes to even which streets in your city get repaired. This has made data analysis one of the most important concepts to master, as it will be used throughout your life in every industry.

Using real-world flight data, you’ll explore techniques for preparing data for analysis and plotting it using the tools provided by the Pandas library. You’ll also explore various ways data can be analyzed and get a crash course into statistics, an important practice for ultimately using your data to make impactful decisions.

Whether you want to become a data scientist or simply want to make educated, data-based choices, this course will provide you key skills to change how you approach data in general!

This course assumes familiarity with both Python and Pandas.

You will learn how to: 

  • Clean and validate data
  • Plot data with various charts
  • Understand the basics of statistics
  • Analyze with means and standard deviations
  • Implement basic machine learning techniques

… and more!

Familiarity in manipulating data with Pandas is necessary for this course. We recommend that you complete Data Manipulation with Pandas before taking this course.

Tools and Frameworks

Python 3.6, Anaconda 5.2, Pandas 0.23, NumPy 1.15

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