Data Manipulation with Pandas

Learn how to prepare your data for insightful analyses with Python and Pandas!

Data has become one of the most integral driving forces behind every industry – from retail marketing to machine learning application development. Knowing how to effectively manage, manipulate, and analyze data is consequently one of the most in-demand skills for many different jobs and hobbies.

Using Pandas, an open-source Python library with easy-to-use data structures and data analysis tools, you’ll explore techniques for reading data from different sources and structuring that data for different activities. You’ll also learn useful ways to manipulate sample data with features such as sorting to gain quick insights, as well as prepare that data for different, more complex forms of analysis.

No matter what kind of data you’re working with, these skills will give you the foundations you need to organize data quickly and efficiently for whatever decision-making obstacles come your way.

This course assumes basic familiarity with Python.

You will learn how to:

  • Access the Pandas library
  • Obtain data from CSV and Excel files
  • Utilize DataFrames to structure data
  • Select certain sets of data
  • Sort data with various criteria
  • Group data by properties

… and more.

Basic skills with Python.

Tools and Frameworks

Python 3.6, Anaconda 5.2, Pandas 0.23, NumPy 1.15

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