Develop a Technology Tree for Strategy Games

Create new mechanics for your strategy games by implementing technology trees. In this course, you will learn to set up a robust technology tree system in Unity that allows players to unlock and research various new mechanical upgrades to enhance their gameplay experience. Additionally, learn how to construct a complimentary UI system, which you can use to expand your game projects in novel ways.

You will learn how to:

  • Create hierarchical systems that lock and unlock technologies available for research
  • Deduct resources or currency when technologies are researched
  • Set up event systems that detect a technology’s state and relay it to other game elements
  • Build a UI with nodes and connectors instantiated through C#
  • Add UI mechanics such as tooltips and panel toggling
  • Modify game mechanics based on technologies researched

…and more!

Basic knowledge of Unity and C#.

Tools and Frameworks

Unity 2022 LTS (updated from 2019.3)

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