Explore Conditional Excel Formatting

Learn to format Excel spreadsheets automatically with conditions!

Conditional formatting is a powerful feature in Excel that formats cells for you based on the data they contain and the rules you create. This ability is used in many different industries to add visual clarity to their data, create more aesthetic appeal, and boost productivity in terms of analysis.

In this course, you’ll learn how to set up and apply different conditional formatting rules to change your datas’ aesthetics programmatically. Using several different kinds of data, you’ll also learn various ways in which you can format your spreadsheets to create more effective data representations.

No matter your goals with Excel, conditional formatting will make your spreadsheets easier to read, save you time, and make your data all the more effective for your project’s needs.

This course assumes familiarity with Excel, formulas, and logic functions.

You will learn how to:

  • Create and manage conditional formatting rules
  • Change cells and text through established rules
  • Set up data bars, heat maps, and icon sets
  • Automatically format entire rows
  • Use multiple criteria for formatting rules

Basic understanding of Excel, Excel formulas, and Excel logic functions.

Tools and Frameworks

Microsoft Excel 2019

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