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Start an online business and make money online with Email Marketing!


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Have you ever wanted to start an online business?

Email Marketing is one of the core skills needed to successfully run your own company.

ZENVA owes much of its rapid growth to effective Email Marketing techniques. We are excited to share these tips with all of our subscribers so that you can also create successful online businesses and increase your revenue.

Ben Fhala, founder of 02GEEK and strategic partner of ZENVA for over two years, has been a marketing advisor of Fortune 500 companies, US congressmen and Prime Ministers around the world.

Ben has created a 4-course Email Marketing bundle which covers everything you need to know (totally from scratch!) in order to:

  • Grow a huge email list
  • Run successful campaigns
  • Optimize your campaigns using analytics
  • Automate the entire process so that email campaigns work for you and not the other way around
  • All of this, using a free Mailchimp account!

Courses from the bundle are self-contained and can be bought either separately or in a single package:

Email Marketing - Bundle


Part 3 of the Bundle – Targeting


Email marketing the right way is complicated. It took me over 3 years to figure it out. A big part of my breakthrough was understanding what to track and what not to(some times even more important).

This course is invaluable to anyone creating a website to promote their product or business. It’s easy to get lost with Email Marketing. Who knows it better then someone that started up a new company (my first company) just 3 years ago. You can bet I made some mistakes even with my background in Advertising and many award winning sites I’ve created over the years. Only in the last year did I realize how critical email marketing is for online business and I’ve been investing most of my time into making the most and engaging with my users in the best way possible. I’ve learned a lot of things over this time (it cost me a lot of money and losing a lot of students) – I want you to save and learn from my mistakes. This is a must course to anyone that wants to make it big online.

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    A free Mailchimp account and knowing how to build a list and launch campaigns, which is something you can learn in the first and second courses in the series.

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