Game Development using Corona SDK in 2016 with ASO & Ads

Game Development using Corona SDK in 2016 with ASO and Ads

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Dive right into making fun and interactive games for Android and iOS in this Game Development Course.

Product Description

Have you ever wanted to learn how to build a mobile game? Then this course is for you! Game Development with Corona SDK will skip past the boring ‘Hello World’ examples and you’ll jump right into making a game that will be sure to make an impact in the app stores.

You’ll learn to make a game that pits Ninjas against Pirates in a time classic battle. This game features animated characters, an intuitive playing style, an upgrade system, and in-game currency.

Once the game is built, you’ll turn your focus on monetization. Generating revenue from your games is something that’s overlooked in other courses and this course will make sure monetization is a main focus point. We’ll look at paid options as well as in-app advertising options using Corona SDK.

You’ll learn how to:

  • Develop a fun and interactive mobile game
  • Learn the easy way to publish your game on multiple app stores – iTunes, Google Play, Amazon, and more!
  • Explore ways to generate revenue from your games
  • Learn where to find free game art
  • Discover sources for free music
  • Get briefed on ASO – app store optimization

If you’ve ever wanted to build your own mobile game and you don’t want another boring course on variables or loops, then this course is for you. Imagine the possibilities of being able to create your own games for customers around the world!

What You’ll Need

This course takes advantage of Corona SDK. Corona SDK is a great platform to quickly bring your ideas to life and you’ll need to have a basic understanding of Corona SDK along with the latest public build. This course will walk you through some of the basics and where to download Corona SDK, but your focus will be on topics that are beyond variables and your basic if-then statement.

What am I going to get from this course?

  • Create an Original Mobile Game that will Guarantee Downloads with Corona SDK
  • If you want to start an app business, you’ll need to build games that aren’t just another Flappy Bird Clone. This course will teach you how to make a game that will make an impact on the app store.

What is the target audience?
This course is geared towards students who have a little familiarity with Corona SDK and/or students who are looking to jump into building an original game that will make a splash in the app stores.


  • Introducing the Game - Pirates vs Ninjas
  • Course Assets
  • Taking a Peek at the Final Product
  • Build-time Properties - build.settings
  • Game Configuration Settings - Config.lua
  • Creating the Starting Point - main.lua
  • Setting Up the Menu and Composer - scene_menu.lua
  • Adding Graphics to the Menu
  • Adding Buttons to the Menu
  • Adding Functionality to Buttons
  • Adding Some Animation
  • Setting up the scene - scene_upgrades.lua
  • Adding Graphics to the Upgrades Scene
  • Buttons! Adding the Upgrade Buttons
  • Adding Labels to our Buttons
  • Making Our Scene Work
  • Setting Up the Scene - scene_game.lua
  • Adding Physics for Collision Detection
  • Setting Up Our Image Sheets
  • Setting Up the Game Variables
  • Adding Functions
  • Adding the User Interface
  • Adding Our Ninja
  • Allowing Our Ninja to Move
  • Release the Shuriken!
  • Arrgh! Send the Pirates!
  • Collision Detection - Part 1
  • Collision Detection - Part 2
  • It's Game Over!
  • Who Needs a Pause Button Anyways?
  • Modifying the Pause Button Function
  • Wrapping Up Our Scene
  • Adding App Icons
  • Launch Images
  • Your Monetization Options with Corona SDK
  • Free or Paid? The choice is yours.
  • Implement RevMob Ads
  • Vungle - Short but Sweet Video Ads
  • Using AdMob

Course Requirements

Download and Install the Latest Corona SDK

You should have a bit of familiarity with Corona SDK. (Not that much is required!)

Although you'll have access to a refresh, a little working knowledge of LUA will help you throughout the course.

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