Getting Started with PHP and MySQL Development

Getting Started with PHP and MySQL Development

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We’ll Introduce fundamental of PHP and the Basic Concepts of RDBMS in general with MySQL Database for Beginners

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We’ll Introduce fundamental of PHP and the Basic Concepts of RDBMS in general with MySQL Database for Beginners

HP is an object oriented general purpose language suitable for a wide variety of tasks. In this course, we’ll learn how to use PHP as a server-side scripting language for use in web development.

MySQL is a general purpose relational database management system (RDBMS) used mainly to provide a back-end database for web applications. In this course, we’ll introduce the concepts of relational database management systems in general, and how they relate to MySQL in particular.

Unlike traditional courses that concentrate mainly on theory, we’ll take a practical “how-to” approach to working with data. Here’s what you’ll learn:

The course cover following topics:


  • syntax, variables,loops and decision constructs.
  • oriented features
  • functions.
  • Arrays
  • Integrate MySQL databases with PHP.
  • Creating databases and tables
  • Adding data to a table with INSERT
  • Reading a table with SELECT
  • How to use WHERE to filter data
  • Using ORDER BY to sort data
  • JOINs and how to use them to read from multiple tables
  • Changing data in a table with UPDATE
  • The DELETE query: removing one or more rows of data from a table
  • Using a text file to load a database schema


I hope you enjoy the course, and I look forward to working with you!


  • Introduction to PHP Requirements
  • Getting XAMPP and Brackets Starting Server
  • First PHP Script
  • Variable in PHP
  • If, if else, if else if..., Switch
  • While, Do While, For, Foreach
  • Functions in PHP
  • Require Include and some String Functions
  • Classes Overview
  • Scoping Rules and the Global Keyword
  • Static Properties
  • Arrays in PHP
  • $_SERVER Variables in PHP
  • $_GET in PHP
  • $_POST in PHP
  • $_REQUEST in PHP
  • Using PHPMyAdmin
  • Sample Database
  • Connecting to MySQL
  • Inserting to MySQL, and Wrapup
  • Installing MySQL
  • Database Creation
  • Table Creation with SELECT and INSERT
  • MySQL Data Types
  • Creating an Auto Incrementing Primary Key
  • Describe Table
  • Loading sql Files into MySQL
  • Introduction to SELECT Query
  • SELECT Query Demo
  • MySQL Update Query
  • Mathematical Operations
  • DISTINCT, COUNT and GROUP by Clauses
  • Table Relationships
  • Introduction to Joins
  • The Delete Query
  • Types of Joins
  • Joins Demo
  • Creating and Using Views
  • Demo of Many to Many Relationship
  • Setting Up a Many to Many Relationship

Course Requirements

Knowledge of Basic HTML Tags

Knowledge of some Scripting Language Preferred, but Not Necessary.

Knowledge of RDBMS Concept is Helpful but Not Required

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