Godot 101 – Game Engine Foundations [2020]

This course has been archived and is no longer supported. For our latest courses on Godot, consider trying our evergreen curriculums with a 1-Year Unlimited Access Package.

This Godot 3 tutorial is a subset of lessons from Godot Game Development for Beginners, which is included as a part of our all-access package.

Learn in-demand skills for 2D and 3D game development by mastering the Godot game engine.

Whether you’re looking to develop 2D or 3D games, Godot offers a unique development experience with its node system, personal programming language GDScript, and dynamic tools perfect for creating games of any genre.  In addition, the Godot engine is absolutely free and open-source, meaning you can expand the capabilities of the engine to suit your projects.

Through this course, you’ll discover the fundamentals of not only working with the Godot editor, but also how to set up both a player and a level to create your first game.  Through this, you will take the first steps needed to develop with Godot and be prepared to expand your knowledge further for the future.

You will learn how to:

  • Install and set up Godot
  • Navigate the Godot editor
  • Create a player with a sprite and collision detection
  • Script a player’s movement and other functions
  • Build a tilemap-based level
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Basic understanding of programming logic.

Tools and Frameworks

Godot 3.2

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