Godot 4 Game Development Mini-Degree

Build your own games with Godot 4!

Able to render stunning graphics without compromising on performance, this lightweight engine is the perfect choice for both complete beginners and more advanced developers.



It features a flexible, node-based system, along with GDScript (a simple programming language designed specifically for building games), making it quick and easy to learn. Whether you want to build 2D or 3D games, Godot 4 is designed to speed up your game creation process.

It’s also completely free and open-source – so you won’t ever have to pay to use it, and if you want to modify the engine to suit your needs, you can!



The Godot 4 Game Development Mini-Degree is the world’s most comprehensive collection of courses on building cross-platform games with Godot. You’ll be guided step-by-step through creating your own 2D and 3D games, including:

These courses will put you on the game development fast track – you’ll go from zero to creating your first game in under 2 hours! The skills you’ll learn will translate to virtually every genre, which you can apply to building your dream games.


  • Using 2D and 3D assets
  • GDScript – the language powering Godot
  • Gameplay control flow
  • Player & enemy combat
  • Item collection & UI systems
  • RPG, RTS, survival, & platformer mechanics



Your Godot Portfolio

Create a portfolio of real Godot projects, including:



Godot 4 Curriculum Level 1

Level 1: Godot 4 Foundations
  • Engine tools
  • Scenes vs. nodes
  • GDScript
  • First interactive project

Godot 4 Curriculum Level 2

Level 2: Mini-Projects
  • Using user input
  • Loops
  • Physics
  • Collision detection

Godot 4 Curriculum Level 3

Level 3: Platformers
  • 2D & 3D levels
  • Players & enemies
  • Coin collection & scoring
  • Game overs and winning

Godot 4 Curriculum Level 4

Level 4: RPGs
  • Battle systems
  • Turn-based gameplay
  • Combat actions & UI
  • Enemy combat AI

Godot 4 Curriculum Level 5

Level 5: RTS Games
  • Navigation regions
  • Unit controls
  • Enemy AI
  • Combat feedback

Godot 4 Curriculum Level 6

Level 6: Survival Games
  • First-person player
  • Camera look
  • Survival needs
  • Day/night cycle


Why Learn Godot?

Godot 4 was made to be flexible, powerful, and easy to learn, so hobbyists and pros could make games quickly (and have fun doing so).

The games market is also skyrocketing – along with game developer salaries – and this high demand has increased opportunities across the board for those entering the industry.

Linechart showing the global games market forecast until 2025

Average salaries for various game dev related positions

Godot 4 has strong community backing, and is also completely open-source – a feature that professional developers prefer for its wide range of benefits:



We start with the absolute basics and go through everything step-by-step – so even if you have zero experience in programming, you’ll be able to easily follow along.

More experienced? Whether you’re wanting to brush up, expand your skills, or learn a new technology, our courses are structured in a way that makes it easy to skip ahead to the lessons that are relevant and interesting to you.


Zenva’s courses feature quick challenges that will speed up your learning.

Access live coding lessons where you can practice coding right in your browser, and instantly see the results of any changes you make to the code: