How to create a Mr Jump inspired iOS game in Swift 2

How to Create a Mr Jump Inspired iOS Game in Swift 2

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A full guide to replicating the App Store Best game of 2015 + BONUS Swift course included.

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Product Description

A full guide to replicating the App Store Best game of 2015 + BONUS Swift course included.

ACCESS A SECOND COURSE FOR FREE! By purchasing this course you’ll also get access to Ben Kane Johns previous course How to create a Flappy Bird inspired iPhone in Swift 2 ($37)

This course will take you from zero to an intermediate level understanding of Swift, the Xcode environment, Sprite Kit, JSTileMap, Tiled and game graphics design.

You’ll learn how to replicate the extremely successful game logic behind the App Store’s best game of 2015 “Mr Jump”.

My simple step-by-step guide will give you a foolproof understanding of game logic and game design – crucial skills you can take away to create games of your own. Side-scrolling games like: Super Mario Brothers, Sonic The Hedgehog, Mega Man 9, Donkey Kong and Little Big Planet.

Why Mr Jump?
One-tap games don’t have to be boring. Just look at Mr Jump! It received a humongous 10 million downloads and 700 million game sessions… in its first months of release.
It has also been featured in the Apple App Store in over 100 countries.
And, as I’ve mentioned before, Mr Jump generates $20,000 in fresh, green moolah. Every. Single. Day. Thanks to Chartboost-powered ads and in app purchases from the App Store.
In this course, I’ll show you how…

Course author
My name is Ben Kane Johns and I’m a professional game developer. Ever since I was a little boy, I’ve been obsessed with gaming. I strongly believe that:

  • games development is driving the future of games.
  • games development gives you the skills and freedom to create truly innovative and interesting games with MASSIVE potential.

From Super Mario Brothers to Pacman – I never left home without my tiny little Nintendo handheld. Followed my vision. And today I’m just as devoted and fanatical about gaming as ever – except now I use that enthusiasm as a Zenva teacher and professional mobile games developer. It’s a job that gives me and my lovely family an incredible lifestyle, and allows me lots of free time to pursue my hobbies – guitars and fast cars!

I love teaching people how to program… and seeing them go on to do inspirational things. Because once you learn how to create mobile games, the possibilities for your life and career are endless. I cannot wait to share these incredible skills with you, right here on Zenva.

Join me today and let’s get to work!


  • Setting up a new Xcode project for our game
  • Completing the Xcode project setup
  • We will set up the background image for our Game Scene
  • Create a play button that will start the game
  • Sizing and position the play button
  • Sizing and position the play button continued
  • Let’s create some action to get this game playing
  • Before the level one map comes the background sky color
  • Setting up the framework for aTile Map
  • Initializing our Tile Map and adding it to the world node
  • Resizing the worldNode to fit all iPhone and iPad resolutions
  • Let’s take a closer look at levelOne Tile Map
  • Tile Maps in action
  • Object layers in action
  • Taking an in depth look at Tile Maps and Object layers from Xcode
  • Setting up the map for level one to move from right to the left of the screen
  • Getting the level one map to move
  • Setting up the LevelOne class to access object layers in the TMX file
  • Accessing the Platform object layer
  • Accessing the Ceiling object layer
  • Accessing the Spikes layer
  • Accessing the Sidewall object layer
  • Accessing the Water object layer
  • Accessing the Finish object layer
  • Accessing the Score object layer
  • Getting all of the objects we have just added to the scene to move along with the level one map
  • We will make the level look complete by adding a background of mountains and clouds
  • Now that we have a background – let’s make it move to create a parallax effect
  • Now that we have a background scrolling let’s take a closer look the TMX and graphic files
  • Let’s bring this game to life…..Introducing Mr. Jump!
  • Making Mr. Jump run
  • Making Mr. Jump jump
  • Start setting up collision detection and keeping score
  • What happens when Mr. Jump collides with an enemy
  • What happens when Mr. Jump collides with an enemy part 2
  • Displaying the highest score
  • Displaying the restart button
  • Let’s create some action for the restart button
  • Animating the restart button
  • Saving the player’s score
  • Displaying the player’s score
  • Animating the high score display
  • Saving Mr. Jump’s highest furthest x position
  • Using the saved x position
  • Mr. Jump does a backflip upon collision with enemy
  • Letting Mr. Jump fall through the bottom of the scene
  • Letting Mr. Jump complete the level
  • Displaying Game Over
  • Animating the display
  • Add a custom app icon into the xCode project
  • What to do next?
  • BONUS COURSE - What is covered in this course
  • BONUS COURSE - Setting up the game
  • BONUS COURSE - Blank canvas project file
  • BONUS COURSE - Game mechanics and layout
  • BONUS COURSE - Background and ground image
  • BONUS COURSE - Moving the ground
  • BONUS COURSE - Adding stuff to the scene
  • BONUS COURSE - PART A: Parallax scrolling background
  • BONUS COURSE - PART B: Parallax scrolling background
  • BONUS COURSE - PART A: Creating the pipes
  • BONUS COURSE - PART B: Creating the pipes
  • BONUS COURSE - Creating the main character
  • BONUS COURSE - PART A: Adding physics bodies to the game
  • BONUS COURSE - PART B: Adding physics bodies to the game
  • BONUS COURSE - Making the birdy move
  • BONUS COURSE - Adding collision detection into our game
  • BONUS COURSE - Ending the game when collision has been detected
  • BONUS COURSE - The basics of keeping score
  • BONUS COURSE - Adding the game over scene
  • BONUS COURSE - Creating a play again button
  • BONUS COURSE - Displaying the game over score
  • BONUS COURSE - Preparing the game to play audio files
  • BONUS COURSE - Creating a mute button
  • BONUS COURSE - Saving and retrieving the mute state
  • BONUS COURSE - Adding the functionality into the mute button
  • BONUS COURSE - Add your own custom App Icon
  • BONUS COURSE - Add your own custom launch screen
  • BONUS COURSE - What you need to know about Chartboost ads
  • BONUS COURSE - Configuring your game for Chartboost ads
  • BONUS COURSE - Displaying the Chartboost ads
  • BONUS COURSE - Update the Chartboost SDK to the latest current version
  • BONUS COURSE - Basic set up for Facebook integration
  • BONUS COURSE - The Facebook post functionality
  • BONUS COURSE - Facebook testing in the simulator
  • BONUS COURSE - Game Center leaderboard set up
  • BONUS COURSE - Game Center user sign in
  • BONUS COURSE - Sending the high score to a Game Center leaderboard
  • BONUS COURSE - Displaying the Game Center leaderboard to the user
  • BONUS COURSE - Saving the user's high score to persistent storage with NSUserDefaults
  • BONUS COURSE - Basic set up for Twitter interation
  • BONUS COURSE - Setting up the functionality that will post our tweet to Twitter
  • BONUS COURSE - Are you ready for submit to the App Store?

Course Requirements


Xcode 7

Beginner level of programming knowledge

Or no programming knowledge

An Apple Developer Account for testing the game on a real device, this is optional.

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