A class for real beginners, you'll learn how to make 10 different iOS apps using Xcode 8 Including Pokemon Go & Snapchat

How to Make a Freaking iPhone App – iOS 10 and Swift 3

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A class for real beginners, you’ll learn how to make 10 different iOS apps using Xcode 8 Including Pokemon Go & Snapchat

Product Description

Have you ever wanted to make an iPhone app? Did you get lost in YouTube videos or online blog posts? This is the course for you!

My name is Rick Walter and I am a self-taught iPhone programmer. I Know what it feels like to start from the beginning. In my course, I will teach you Swift 3 and how to make iOS 10 apps. What will we make?

*Emoji Dictionary – A simple app to help us learn about TableViews

*Do It! – A todo app that teaches us about CoreData

*Game Collector – Learn to work with the camera as we make an app to catalog a collection of something (video games, movies, stamps, etc…)

*Soundboard – Record sounds using the microphone and play them back. This one is fun!

*Snapchat Clone – We’ll use Firebase to make a simple version of Snapchat. Very involved

*Pokemon Go Clone – Learn how to work with maps as we make a clone of most popular iOS game right now

Come join the most fun course on making iPhone apps!

What am I going to get from this course?

Make fully functional iOS 10 apps
Have a solid understanding of Swift 3

What is the target audience?

People looking to learn the begging to intermediate skills needed in iOS apps


  • M001 Welcome and Download Xcode
  • M001 About Me and the Course
  • M001 Installing Xcode
  • M002 Introduction The Fundamentals
  • M002 Constants and Variables
  • M002 Strings and Ints
  • M002 Labels
  • M002 Outlets
  • M002 Common Errors
  • M002 Buttons
  • M002 Print and Comments
  • M002 If Statements
  • M002 If and Xcode
  • M002 Outro
  • M003 Introduction to Git and Github
  • M003 Get With The Git
  • M003 GitHub
  • M003 Math and Double
  • M003 Textfields
  • M003 String Interpolation
  • M003 Booleans
  • M003 Add or Subtract
  • M003 Outro
  • M004 Introduction to TableViews
  • M004 Arrays
  • M004 Arrays Part 2
  • M004 Sketch
  • M004 TableViews
  • M004 DataSource and Delegate
  • M004 Arrays and TableViews
  • M004 The 2nd ViewController
  • M004 Segues
  • M004 Prepare for Segue
  • M004 Pass Da Emoji
  • M004 Definition
  • M004 Outro
  • M005 Introduction to Making Money with IOS
  • M005 Working for a company
  • M005 Freelancing
  • M005 Money from your own Apps
  • M005 Recommendations
  • M005 Functions
  • M005 Return
  • M005 Classes
  • M005 Methods
  • M005 Extra Emoji Features
  • M005 Classes in Emoji Dictionary
  • M005 Why Classes are Cool
  • M005 Outro
  • M006 Introduction to CoreData
  • M006 Sketch CoreData
  • M006 TableView
  • M006 Task Class
  • M006 Segue
  • M006 Setting things up
  • M006 Creating Tasks
  • M006 Cleaning Up
  • M006 Optionals
  • M006 Advanced Optionals
  • M006 Deleting Task
  • M006 CoreData Entities
  • M006 Saving in CoreData
  • M006 Fetch Request
  • M006 Deleting
  • M006 Outro
  • M007 Introduction to Game Collector
  • M007 Sketch Camera
  • M007 Bar Button Items
  • M007 ImageViews
  • M007 Dictionaries
  • M007 Advanced Dictionaries
  • M007 ImagePIckerController
  • M007 UIImage
  • M007 CoreData Revisited
  • M007 List the games
  • M007 Update
  • M007 Delete
  • M007 Camera
  • M007 Outro
  • M008 Introduction to Microphone
  • M008 Sketch Microphone
  • M008 Setting up the UI
  • M008 The Great Programming Myth
  • M008 Error Handling
  • M008 AVAudioRecorder
  • M008 Recording
  • M008 Playing Audio
  • M008 Save a Sound
  • M008 Show the Sounds
  • M008 Swipe to Delete
  • M008 Outro Microphone
  • M009 Introduction to Firebase
  • M009 Sketch Firebase
  • M009 CocoaPods
  • M009 Sign In Design
  • M009 Sign In Code
  • M009 Create User
  • M009 Camera Design
  • M009 Add Image
  • M009 Firebase Storage
  • M009 Smaller Image
  • M009 Firebase Database
  • M009 Pulling Data
  • M009 Adding Snaps
  • M009 Snaps are ready
  • M009 Snaps in a List
  • M009 View the snap
  • M009 Downloading Images
  • M009 Firebase Delete
  • M009 Remove from TableView
  • M009 Delete from Storage
  • M009 Make it shine
  • M009 Outro Firebase
  • M010 What is New in IOS 10
  • M010 Stickers
  • M010 Animated Stickers
  • M010 The Queen of Thailand
  • M010 Sirikit Setup
  • M010 Intents
  • M010 Recipients
  • M010 Sending the Message
  • M010 Outro
  • Section 11
  • M011 Introduction to Maps
  • M011 Sketch Maps
  • M011 MapView
  • M011 Getting the User's Location
  • M011 Zoom in to Region
  • M011 Recenter
  • M011 Poke Spawn
  • M011 Pokedex
  • M011 CoreData Helper
  • M011 Get All Pokemon
  • M011 Caught and Uncaught
  • M011 TableView Sections
  • M011 Add Images to a MapView
  • M011 Random Pokemon
  • M011 Catch or NAH
  • M011 Catching Pokemon
  • M011 Alert Controllers
  • M011 Polish
  • M011 Outro

Course Requirements

A Mac computer
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