Phaser Mini-Degree

HTML5 allows you to create games that are lightweight, responsive, and completely cross-platform. Not only does it make building and updating games fast, but it’s also incredibly versatile, making it the perfect choice for both beginner and more experienced developers alike.

With the Phaser Mini-Degree, you’ll code and create impressive 2D games with Phaser, the popular and powerful JavaScript library designed for rendering games across different platforms. You’ll learn by building real projects that will form a strong professional portfolio, and gain skills that will set you up for success as a game developer.

You will master:

  • Cross-platform games with Phaser
  • Physics, sprites, and tilemaps
  • Animations and camera effects
  • Platformer games
  • Virtual pets
  • Quiz-style projects


Build Phaser Games

Create a portfolio of Phaser game projects, including:



Level 1 HTML5 Mini-Degree Learning Goals

  • Learn to code in JavaScript
  • Building games in Phaser
  • Collision detection
  • Basic camera effects

Level 2 HTML5 Mini-Degree Learning Goals

  • Interactive objects
  • Input events
  • Game audio
  • Tween animations

Level 3 HTML5 Mini-Degree Learning Goals

  • Using multiple scenes
  • Basic folder organization
  • Dragging and dropping
  • Spritesheet animations

Level 4 HTML5 Mini-Degree Learning Goals

  • Platformer & RPG mechanics
  • Object spawning
  • 2D physics engine
  • Using the cursor keys
100% Beginner-Friendly

This curriculum gives you all the tools needed to develop Phaser games – featuring introductory modules for those who have never coded before, to intermediate courses perfect for more experienced developers looking to branch out into new specializations, this Mini-Degree is designed to help you succeed.


Courses by the World’s Best 

Our course instructors aren’t just fun to learn from – they’re qualified coders who have been formally certified for their excellent programming and teaching skills. That way, you can be confident that you’re developing strong, modern skills that will set you up for success as a developer.


Why Build Phaser Games?

Phaser is quickly becoming a must-know for developers, as it’s used throughout the world. Not only does HTML5 allow for cross-platform development, which is important given many gamers play on different devices, but it is also increasingly being adopted by other industries as the default markup language for their websites.

Bar graph showing devices used for gaming

Line chart showing historical HTML5 usage trends

Phaser games join the rest of the gaming industry – which is seeing vast amounts of revenue growth. Many popular games have also been made with Phaser (or ported to Phaser) to take advantage of its ease of access and compatibility with evolving technologies!

Line graph showing the worldwide games market revenue forecast

List of popular HTML5 games (source and ported)


Learn with project-based courses that are designed to be flexible – access them 24/7, fit them around your schedule, and choose the learning materials that suit you best.

With an online platform optimized for all modern devices, you can even learn on the go!

✅ Watch video lessons

✅ Read text summaries

✅ Explore interactive lessons

✅ Practice with source code

✅ Build real projects

✅ Earn completion certificates


Our community of 1,000,000+ learners and developers have used the skills learned with us to publish their own games and websites, land their dream jobs, and even start their own businesses – and you have the potential to do the same!

Check out what our learners think below:



I love the lectures, concise course objectives, and how they not only teach you enough to get started, but prepare you for the advanced stuff later down the road.



With Zenva, I started learning a more accurate way to approach problems and develop solutions. It’s full of interesting topics that I love to learn in conjunction with my work.



I chose Zenva because of the large selection of topics and the fact that I can choose what courses I want to take whenever I want to take them. That level of freedom is unique to Zenva.



The Unity courses at Zenva helped me achieve a level of comfort with game development that I didn’t think was possible. They give you the confidence to expand your skills, and were so easy to understand.

This curriculum is suitable for complete beginners with no prior coding experience.

Why should I learn programming?

We’re living in the age of technology. In every industry, demand for developers is high and continues to rise, yet there’s a shortage of skilled developers. As a result, there’s a huge number of exciting opportunities out there for developers who want to take them.

By mastering the skills taught in these courses, you’ll prepare yourself for roles in a wide range of industries. Whether you want to work in a startup or a Fortune 500 company, you’ll learn in-demand knowledge and techniques that will help you to succeed.

What will I achieve by taking these courses?

You’ll not only learn the most in-demand modern languages, frameworks, and tools, but also how to apply them to your own projects and real-world situations.

Additionally, as our courses are primarily project-based, as you learn you’ll develop a rock-solid professional portfolio that can be used to impress potential employers.

Technology changes quickly. What happens if the content becomes outdated?

We’re committed to providing you with the most up-to-date, relevant content. If one of our courses becomes outdated due to modern practices, we’ll update it. Often, we’ll even remake it entirely using the latest versions of the languages, tools and frameworks.

We’re committed to keeping up with cutting-edge developments in the industry, and turn this knowledge into new courses, which we publish every month.

I’m an absolute beginner who’s never coded before. Can I still do these courses?

Yes, you can! We have entry-level courses on all key topics, and each of our curriculums feature guided learning paths that show you what courses are needed to reach your goals.

Additionally, if you need a little extra help, we have expert mentors on hand to answer any course-related questions that you might have.

What time commitment is needed?

We get that you’re busy, and so we’ve designed our courses to be completely flexible, so you can learn at your own pace and fit your courses around your schedule.

While we recommend that you put in at least a few hours a week (the more hours put in, the more you’ll get out!) there are no time limits or deadlines that you need to worry about.

Will these courses help me to change my career?

Many of our students have been able to successfully change their careers, land their dream job, get promoted, and even start their own businesses… and you have the potential to do the same!

You can also combine your existing skills with your new tech skills, and expand your career, rather than changing it completely.

Our courses have been designed to teach you highly transferable skills, and leave you with strong projects that can be added to your professional portfolio – whatever you want to do, we’ll help to get you there!

Can I watch the videos offline?

All courses on Zenva Academy can be accessed both on our online learning platform, and via the Zenva app (available for iOS and Android). The Zenva app features both online and offline access, so you can securely download your courses and complete them at your leisure.

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