Humble 2022 Excel Bundle – Tier 3

Boost your productivity with Excel – an industry standard for spreadsheet software!

Through the Humble 2022 Excel Bundle, you’ll become a data management expert with Excel. Along with tons of sample data to experiment with, you’ll explore how to use tablesfunctions, conditional formattingcharts, and formulas to gain powerful insights with adaptable, easy, and quick methods. You’ll also learn these techniques in ways that can be applied across multiple industries, giving you a boost no matter where your hobbies and careers take you.

Perfectly suited for beginners, these courses will quickly help you build up the professional Excel skills you need for success!

You will learn:

  • Excel software tools
  • Basic and statistical formulas
  • Logic, lookup, and text functions
  • Conditional Formatting
  • Tables & Pivot Tables
  • Data visualization with charts

… and more!


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