Humble Game Art and Design Bundle – Tier 3

Make your games unique and engaging by learning game art and design!

With the Humble Game Art and Design Bundle, you’ll become a master of developing custom game assets and designing intuitive, fun game experiences. You’ll create pixel art and 3D models, and learn how to make your games more engaging and instinctive by learning game design techniques, including how to work with characters, levels,  and stories. You’ll also discover how to use dynamic camera shots to create cinematic cutscenes for your games.

With several projects, real-world examples, and challenges featured throughout the courses, you’ll put your skills into practice while building a robust game art and development portfolio.

You will learn:

  • Pixel art with Photoshop
  • 3D modeling with Blender & ProBuilder
  • Rigging & UV mapping for 3D assets
  • 3D sculpting with Polybrush
  • Game, level, and storytelling design
  • Cutscene cameras with Cinemachine

… and more!


Featured Projects