Humble Intro to Coding Bundle 2020 – Tier 2

🔥🏆 Learn the foundations of coding with this all-inclusive bundle!

The Humble Intro to Coding Bundle 2020 is the most extensive introductory programming bundle. Whether you want to build games, develop mobile apps, dive into web development, become a data scientist, or start programming with Python, you’ll learn modern, in-demand skills that will help to prepare you for work in the industry… all while creating projects that will enhance your professional portfolio.

Take the first step on your journey from beginner to seasoned developer and see where coding can take you!

You will learn:

    • Web design with HTML, CSS, and JavaScript
    • Working with Python, NumPy, and Pandas
    • Reading data from APIs with Python
    • 3D game development with Unity
    • RPG development with Phaser
    • Mobile app development for Android and iOS

and more!


Featured Projects