Humble JavaScript Bundle – Tier 3

Create interactive websites and HTML5 games with this comprehensive JavaScript bundle!

The Humble JavaScript Bundle is the premier introduction into the most fundamental language in web and HTML5 game development: JavaScript.  Designed to take you from beginner to industry-ready web and game developer, you will learn in-demand skills in both the language and modern frameworks, such as React, Vue.js, Node.js, Phaser, and more – ensuring that you have what it takes to build amazing interactive experiences.

Not only will this bundle help you to enhance your professional portfolio, but it will give you a head start in creating your own web and game projects!

You will learn:

  • JavaScript basics for interactivity
  • Frontend development with various frameworks
  • Game development with Phaser, Kontra.js, and more
  • Server-side app creation with Node.js
  • Numerous JavaScript tools like Babel
  • VR website creation with A-Frame

…and more!


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