Humble JavaScript Web Development Bundle 2021 – Tier 3

Master building your own websites, web apps, and browser games using the most in-demand web development skills – including JavaScript!

In the Humble JavaScript Web Development Bundle, you’ll go from beginner to industry-ready web developer as you explore core foundations for the web. Building your own portfolio-worthy projects with hands-on lessons, you’ll get to explore HTML, CSS, JavaScript, and a variety of cutting-edge JavaScript-based libraries used for frontend development. While mastering these in-demand tools, you’ll gain knowledge that will set you up to expand your skills into many other frameworks.

Regardless of your professional or personal goals, these courses will set you up for success in building new web projects!

You will learn:

  • Website building with HTML & CSS
  • Interactive elements with JavaScript
  • 3D & XR technologies with Babylon.js and AR.js
  • Webapp construction with React
  • Frontend design with PureCSS and Semantic UI
  • Deployment techniques

… and more!


Featured Projects