Humble Python 2023 Bundle – Tier 2

Master Python – the language behind self-driving cars, AI, and more!

In the Humble Python 2023 Bundle, you’ll explore the foundations of Python programming. You’ll discover algorithms, fundamental coding principles, and object-oriented programming – all while developing the core knowledge you’ll need for all your future Python projects.

Regardless of what you want to build, learning Python will give you the skills to create amazing software with one of the world’s most in-demand languages.

You will learn:

  • Project management
  • Algorithm basics
  • Data storage & manipulation
  • Efficient code structure
  • Managing user input
  • Classes & objects

… and more!


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Why Learn Python

Python is easily one of the most popular and in-demand languages. It’s used for a variety of tasks including automation, games, apps, websites, machine learning, data science, and more. For developers, it is also used in many of the fastest-growing jobs, with salaries reflecting the need for Python skills.

Fastest growing jobs by country for Python-related positions

Average salaries for various Python developers

This bundle is suitable for complete beginners with no prior coding experience.

Master Python programming as you create digital art algorithms, diagnosis programs, and escape rooms.

  • On-demand, 24/7 access
  • 7 hours of on-demand video
  • Certificate of completion
  • Closed captions


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