Humble RPG 2023 Bundle – Tier 3

Learn to create RPGs – one of the most popular genres around!

With the Humble RPG 2023 Bundle, you’ll dive into a comprehensive collection of Unity courses on building 2D, 3D, and multiplayer RPGs. You’ll master key mechanics and build projects in a variety of styles – including action RPGsturn-based RPGsfarming RPGs, and more!

No matter what RPG you dream up, these skills will give you the foundations you need to tell your stories and make immersive, exciting game experiences.

You will learn:

  • Unity fundamentals
  • Action combat systems
  • Turn-based gameplay
  • UI implementation
  • Adding multiplayer
  • Asset creation with Blender

… and more!


Featured Projects


Why Build RPGs

RPGs have been popular since the inception of video games – from classics like Final Fantasy to modern-day powerhouses like Dark Souls. The market for RPGs, like the overall market growth of video games, is skyrocketing – making this multi-million dollar genre full of opportunities for savvy developers.

Linechart showing the global games market forecast until 2025

Bar graph showing the RPG market forecast of $23.5 million for 2023