Humble Survival Games Bundle – Tier 1

Discover how to make survival games in Unity!

The Humble Survival Games Bundle is your beginner-friendly introduction to the exciting survival game genre. Starting with C# scripting, you’ll learn how to develop basic survival game systems. You’ll also explore core skills behind games like MinecraftArk: Survival EvolvedValheim, and more.

No matter what survival story or world you want to showcase, these fundamentals will help you build your dream game!

You will learn:

  • C# scripting
  • 3D player creation
  • Player needs (hunger, thirst, & sleep)
  • Day/night cycles
  • Environment generation
  • Health & damage

… and more!


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Why Learn Survival Games

Survival games are a highly popular genre, accessible to hobbyists and career developers alike. With a video game market that continues to explode, salaries and opportunities are on the rise for developers. Plus, with Unity, you’ll have a beloved toolset that is easy to use and perfect for any other future projects!

Linechart showing the global games market forecast until 2025

Average salaries for various game dev related positions

This bundle is suitable for complete beginners with no prior coding experience.

Explore the pillars of survival games as you learn C# and player mechanics.

  • On-demand, 24/7 access
  • 4.1 hours of on-demand video
  • Certificate of completion
  • Closed captions


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