Humble Web Development Bundle [2019] – Tier 3

Dive into web development with this all-inclusive bundle! Get started on your journey to becoming a full-stack developer!

The Humble Web Development Bundle is the web’s comprehensive bundle on full-stack web development. Take that first stride in your quest from newcomer to a seasoned web development prodigy, and see where coding can take you!

You will learn:

  • HTML, CSS, and JavaScript – the core languages of web development
  • Modern front-end frameworks such as Bootstrap, Next.js, jQuery, Semantic UI, React, and Angular
  • Server-Side development with DOM APIs, ES6, GraphQL, Node.js, Express, and MongoDB
  • HTML5 game development with Phaser
  • Version control and collaboration with Git and Github
  • Deployment to AWS, Azure, and Heroku

and more! 


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