Intermediate iOS - Get Job Ready with Swift 2

Intermediate iOS – Get Job Ready with Swift 2


Your beginner course got your started on iOS, this course will take you to the next level. Master making iPhone apps

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Product Description

Your beginner course got your started on iOS, this course will take you to the next level. Master making iPhone apps

Have you taken a beginner iOS class? Are you looking for something more? Do you want to advance beyond the basics of making simple iPhone apps? Do you want to dive deeper, get paid to make apps, and launch your career in iOS development? Or do you simply want to become an amazing iOS developer?

If you haven’t taken a beginner class yet, you should. 🙂 They’re wonderful! But if you have, you realize there comes a point when you’re ready to move on, move forward, and escalate your capabilities. You want to build amazing apps, apps that can handle greater complexity, and apps that truly impress. You want to see results in your career and in your earning potential. You want to become an advanced iOS developer.

Welcome to the first advanced iOS development class, the ONLY class on Zenva to unfold the most advanced iOS topics available, while coaching you through building your career in iOS development.

This course brings every element of a live bootcamp that charges thousands of dollars. Below are some specifics:

Advanced iOS Topics:

  • In-App Purchases – Subscriptions, consumables, restoring purchases
  • Localization
  • Drawing on iOS
  • UISplitViewController
  • Push Notifications
  • Apple Pay
  • Closures



  • UISplitViewController Introduction
  • Sketch
  • Our First SplitViewController
  • Player Data
  • Master View
  • Detail Segue
  • Sending Over a Player
  • Cleaning Up UI
  • SpliViewController tweaks
  • Challenge
  • Outro
  • Drawing Introduction
  • Drawing
  • Setting up the UI
  • Touches
  • Fixing The Error
  • Drawing Our First Line
  • Custom Drawing
  • Colors
  • Sharing Art
  • Challenge
  • Outro
  • In App Purchases Introduction
  • 7 Steps
  • Sketch
  • Layout
  • Collection Views
  • Core Data
  • Custom Cell
  • Blur
  • Step 1 iTunes Connect
  • Step 2 Request Products
  • Step 3 Display Info
  • Step 4 Add to Queue
  • Step 5 Handle Response
  • Step 6 Provide Purchase
  • Step 7 Restore Button
  • Challenge
  • Outro
  • Apple Pay Introduction
  • Apple Pay v In App Purchase
  • Sketch
  • Table View
  • Sticker Data
  • Product Details
  • Apple Pay Button
  • PKPaymentRequest
  • Delegate
  • Shipping
  • Thank You Page
  • Challenge
  • Outro
  • Localization Introduction
  • Sketch
  • Tip Calculator
  • Storyboard Localization
  • NSLOcalizedStrings
  • NSNumberFormatter
  • Challenge
  • Outro
  • Closures Introduction
  • Playground and Closures
  • Setting up the Closure
  • API Stuff
  • Challenge
  • Outro

Course Requirements

You should be able to make simple iOS apps in Xcode.


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